Abraham Marín P.Abraham Marín P.

Abraham Marín P.



London, 17

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Oct 20, 2011


My name is Abraham, I studied Computer Science in Spain and, after some experience in the academic area, I moved to London to join the corporate world, aiming at finding ways to produce profitable solutions through high quality work.

Where did you hear about this group?

A friend, who is a member, told me about it.

How long have you been developing with Java?

I started developing Java professionally 5 years ago, although I haven't worked with Java exclusively, I've also used other OOP languages such as C#

What are your favourite technologies at the moment?

JIRA (with Greenhopper), Subversion, Fisheye, Eclipse, JUnit. I had some experience with Mylyn (back when it was called Mylar), and I really liked the way JIRA, Subversion, Fishey and Eclipse could all be used together.

Would you be interested in hearing about any new Java permanent or contract positions at present? (if yes please add which would be of more interest)

Yes, probably contract would be better.