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What we’re about

Back in 2017 a few Bulletproof Coffee fans from London wen't to the Bulletproof Biohacking conference in Pasadena LA California - and it was epic. 

When we got home, we really missed the interactions with other like minded people that are seen to be a little crazy by outsiders (of the Health Optimisation, Biohacking, Ketogenic and Bulletproof lifestyle).

Let's be honest, it's hard to meet people that have this mindset. We've all had people say "why do you take supplements, food is enough" or "why do you put Butter in your coffee?!" or even "Blue blocking glasses and no EMF's?! You're mental" Well, in this group you wont get that. We built this group of friends (now over 1200 people - and over 120 meet every month!) that 'get it', hang out, talk biohacks, supplements - and come to see a great forward thinking speaker. <br>

This isn't just about Bulletproof Coffee, it's about continuing to grow an awesome social circle with people we share commonalities with.

We're now the biggest group of Biohackers/Health Optimisers that meet on a regular basis in the world, and as a result we worked together and built the Health Optimisation Summit which took investment from both 'Bulletproof' Upgrade Conference and Paleofx - and had it's first annual summit on 13-14th September 2019.

In the meetup, we discuss and explore the techniques and technologies available to optimise our health and performance, including 'proper' nutrition, proper sleep, the right supplements, nootropics, biofeedback, meditation, neurofeedback, etc.

If you are a biohacker (or similar) and live in or near London, join the group, come along, meet new friends, share your story, and continue to learn through experimentation with this awesome social circle in London! :) See you soon! <br>

Sending Good Health, Peace and Best Wishes as always,

Tim <br>ps. Join our Facebook Group here (we're chatting lots about Biohacks!)

-------- What is “Biohacking” exactly? --------

Biohacking is a crazy-sounding name for something not crazy at all; the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves using nutrition, supplements and by adjusting our lifestyle and environment. Our definition is for optimising your health using supplements, technology or nature and tracking the positive effects it has on your health.

It's the future of healthcare and doesn't involve being a mad scientist or using any pharmaceuticals at all! <br> <br>By biohacking, you can actually transform your mind and body so that you feel much more energised, feel sharper, be more productive and, overall, feel like the best possible version of yourself. <br> <br>The main thing that separates a biohacker from the rest of the self-improvement world is a systems-thinking approach to our own biology. We track the impact these lifestyle changes make, with hard data (from blood tests and the likes). <br> <br>It isn't just about Bulletproof Coffee or selling to each other. It's about growing this community and letting the world know that they are missing out on much better health! <br>