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We are a member supported photography club. The club invites you as our guest for one or two events prior to joining. This MeetUp group is an extension of the Lone Tree Photography Club and open to all photographers. You do not have to be a member of the club to belong to our meetup group. We use this forum to help reach out to the community and expand our reach "To share our knowledge and increase our expertise".

Membership per year is $25 individual /$35 family.

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Video for Still Photographers – An Introduction with Jim Griggs

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Dual Meeting Zoom and In Person at the Lone Tree Civic Center 8527 Lone Tree Pkwy, Lone Tree, CO 80124
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Hard topic to cover in an hour or so but I will give you a strong introduction to major differences between still photography and video with many examples as well as thinking in terms of story telling, editing, music and sound. Examples of what I do with videos:
About Jim:
Acquired my first 35mm camera my senior year in High School, worked for the college newspaper as a darkroom technician. Won a KINSA Competition and really took off trying to make money in photography. First attempt was photographing Go Kart racing. Made a whopping $400 for an afternoon of shooting and my real job was paying $830 a month! Worked for a studio in Texas doing weddings, portraits and commercial shoots. Started my own wedding and portrait business with as much commercial work as I could get. Met Boyd Norton in 1980 and attended one of his week long workshops in 1984. Joined Boyd as an assistant in 1985 at his workshops in Wyoming and Colorado. After 12 years we split up with me being too busy in my regular job and his involvement with international magazine assignments. Boyd and I rejoined and have been doing workshops together for the past 10 years at a ranch in Wyoming. I have done assignment work for the Nature Conservancy and have been published in numerous magazines, books, calendars, museums, etc. I have also been leading photo trips to Tanzania, the Galapagos Islands and Peru since 2001. I also worked for the local Convention and Visitors Bureau for three years on assignments for our community as well as several commercial jobs for local companies. I was also assistant to Jim Richardson of National Geographic during his assignment to photograph the Tallgrass Prairies of Kansas, lasting 8 months. Had the privilege of photographing with Art Wolfe, George Lepp, and many other leaders in the field of photography during our evening shoots at our local Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Kansas.

Master Landscape Photography with Glenn Randall Saturday 11-5-2022

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Sponsored by the Lone Tree Photography Club
Glenn's approach to teaching landscape photography can be summed up in eight words: master the craft, and the art will follow. This one-day, classroom-only workshop will help low-intermediate to advanced-intermediate photographers take the next step in their journey toward mastering the craft of daylight landscape photography.

For a landscape photographer, the meaning of craft goes far beyond such photographic basics as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. It includes the ability to locate promising subjects and plan shoots using topographic maps and computerized mapping tools. It includes concepts from geography, which tells us how the angle of sunrise and sunset varies throughout the year. It includes a working knowledge of atmospheric optics (the science of how sunlight interacts with our atmosphere.) And it includes understanding how the complexities of human vision affect the way we see the world and the way we view art. Understanding how our visual system processes high-contrast scenes will help students produce realistically beautiful renditions of those scenes.

So how does mastering the craft lead to creating art? Can a realistic landscape photograph actually be creative? The answer is yes, but to become more creative, you first have to understand where creativity actually comes from. For a landscape photographer, creativity does not emerge, fully formed, from the void. It emerges when you make a new, unexpected, but suddenly obvious connection between bits of seemingly unrelated knowledge already stored in your head. The goal of this workshop is to help you gain the in-depth knowledge of the craft of daylight landscape photography that will allow you to unlock your creative potential.
Sunrise at Columbine Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
All students will receive extensive handouts on the key information covered during the workshop, including Mastering Dramatic Light, a 42-page PDF on how to shoot great images in high-contrast situations. When the workshop is over, students will have a deeper understanding of how to find and capture magnificent images of the natural world.
Workshop fee: $99
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Hands on Print Workshop with Art Ballah

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