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Welcome Entrepreneurs,

This group is all about success within the realm of self-employment and entrepreneurship. It has been an evolution of minds that has evolved to be a support and networking group for all entrepreneurs in all industries. The goal of this group is to see to the success of all its members.

When we just talk and discuss ideas as sad as it is, usually ends up being just that, Ideas! This group will focus on creativity through channeled success through incredible minds and taking action and the vast knowledge and expertise in implementing ideas. We have and will continue hosting some of the brightest and most influential entrepreneurs in the world but also looking within for those that have so much to contribute.

We will begin holding events not just to network but to setup entrepreneur support groups that can help each other to achieve ultimate success. From Monday morning coffee events, to networking events, to hardcore success groups that contribute to each members team for all their success. Even Telephone groups!

If you want a group that is all about networking this isn't it. If you want a group that is all about MLM or the latest fad, this isn't it. But if you want to be part of a network that truly assists each other and holds each other to an accountability of their goals then you have found the right group. This group holds so many connections, expertise and knowledge and the ability to get things not just started but the ability to see to its' members success. In entrepreneurship this is what it is all about. Essentially it is based on the principles of Napolean Hill and "Think and Grow Rich" with the modern necessities thrown in.

Come join us and let's have success together,


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Meet a man that has helped create more Entrepreneur Millionaires than anyone

You must RSVP by clicking HERE (http://goo.gl/jnMqIF) If you own a business or are looking to start one, this meeting is for you! CEO Space is The World's Largest, Oldest & Most Successful Organization for CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Visionary Investors and was again rated #1 By Forbes! Come on out and meet Founder, Berny Dohrmann and learn why! Mentoring, Collaborations, Insights & Powerful Strategies just for you. This is going to be GREAT! We are pround to announce association with ROC! • Plenty of Appetizers • Ample (no cost) Parking • GREAT NETWORKING! 90+ Enrepreneurs & CEOs last time Mr. Dohrmann was in OC! 6:30 - 7 PM General Networking 7 - 9 PM Q & A, Coaching Circle, Cooperative Networking, Free Coaching CEO Space “is” a a Business Accelerator that employs the use of meals to rapidly take a company from where it is now, to where it wishes to be, with both strength and velocity. See Me appointment cards developed by CEO Space qualifies new customers and other resources ranging from manufactures to investors to meet with you during the evening each night of the trade show typically in groups. At 9:00 at 10:00 at 11:00 you have usually three turns of qualified new meetings for one week, five times a year. During the day you can run your existing business just as you do now day by day, or if your business is virtually ran you can “check-in” on things while meeting with new customers. There is a training component which delivers 30 hours of professionals credits which are issued on-site for licensed professionals attending in all categories in all 50 USA States. Plus professionals gain more clients in one week of timethan many develop in over months or a full years of time. There are around 50 training sessions during each trade show and a typical CEO will look at the schedule and select five to eight trainings they may needright now while never missing the meals that work like booths to drive new customers into their business. CEO’s have elected to attend five times a year replacing advertising and marketing budgets for the one global trade show that is formatted from the business owner and improved by the business owner five times year. CEO Space is the only trade show in the world that guarantee’s we must speed up your business or we refund your full membership before you leave the building… as we insist on our members winning. What to expect at our local meetings: Welcome Intro to CEO Space Speaker Coaching Circle Collaborative Networking Most people are coming because they have seen their friends (who are our members) business grow so quickly and strongly, even in a down economy. They are coming mostly to learn how CEO Space can help them. Addtionally however, there will be networking set up so visitors can have a chance to pick up contacts on the spot. Our members are not there to sell you anything and they don't need to because they have access to all the business they need, due to their membership. When the meeting is over, those that wish to consider membership, questions are answered for them, including raising capital, etc. These previews are a great way to determine if CEO Space is a good fit for your business.

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