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Long Beach Heart of Family Constellations
More people come to the Family Constellations than the number of people registered on MeetUp, usually about 15 or so. So come and enjoy a moving evening with like-minded people. This group is experiential in nature. Although we do talk a bit about family dynamics and intergenerational trauma, it is something that is practiced. Why hear a lecture about results when you can experience the results?

Alpert Jewish Community Center

3801 East Willow Street · Long Beach, CA


What we're about

Just as the human body contains the innate ability to heal itself, so does the family system. And just as symptoms and conditions can arise in the body from events that happened years ago, so can issues with health, emotions, relationships, and money crop up in our lives from events that happened in the family way in the past--even from events in the generations before we were born. We call such challenges entanglements. In Family Constellations, the sources of these problems may be found and resolved, allowing not only oneself, but also one's family, to be free of these entanglements. Coming to a Family Constellations is like giving a gift to yourself that enriches your life and the lives of those you love.

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