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The Long Beach LGBTQ Game Night Group is for anyone that's L, G, T, Q, or an ally, that loves playing games, and enjoys meeting new friends. You do not need to live in Long Beach, however all game nights take place at my house in NE Long Beach (with plenty of street parking). I've been hosting one or two game nights a week at my house in NE Long Beach. I enjoy everything from party games like JackBox, Cards Against Humanity, Charades, to serious strategy games like Istanbul, Scythe, 7 Wonders, and of course all things Catan.

I have two important rules that all group members must adhere to:

Rule #1 - Event No-Shows - 3 event no-shows, and you will be removed from the group
Honestly, nothing irritates a Meetup group organizer more than people who RSVP for an event, and then simply do not show up with no communication to me about it. Many of the games we play have a set number of players, so once the attendee list is full, we have a full table, which is what we want. When someone just doesn't show up, it is inconsiderate for the players that do show up, and it is inconsiderate for those on the waitlist, that could have taken this spot. If you RSVP for an event, and you realize several days prior that you will not be able to attend, PLEASE change your RSVP as soon as possible. If you accumulate 3 event no-shows, you will be removed from the group.

Rule #2 - Last Minute Cancels - 3 cancels within 24 hours of the event, and you will move to "waitlist only" status
While not nearly as bad as a complete no-show, cancelling your spot within 24 hours of the event is also a frustration to Meetup group organizers. I do understand that things come up in life, so I don't hold this against anyone. HOWEVER, if you have 3 cancellations within 24 hours of an event, and have yet to actually attend an event, from that point on I will move any of your new RSVPs to the waitlist. You will only be able to attend the event if it doesn't fill up. I'm trying to avoid having people simply RSVP to every event (thus filling up the attendee list), and then canceling last minute when they actually decide if they want to attend or not.

These rules are designed to help make managing the group easier, and also to make things more fair for all group members.

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