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Ok try to picture this. I know it might sound weird but have you ever gone out for date night and you get all dolled up but your mate doesn't quite appreciate it because he has seen you dolled up plenty of times. I mean of course you guys love each other but sometimes with the routine of being a couple you kind of miss having someone else admire and appreciate the time you put to get ready. Wouldn't it be great to have a couples night out and actually go on a date with another married couple. The way I picture it is that we simply swap partners. Now I know what your thinking but it's simply enjoying the other persons company and maybe hearing other things and not the same kind of conversation you have with your partner. Let me make it clear the most I imagine is flirting no sexual activity I don't know about anyone else but the very thought of having to worry about anything another person might have just doesn't interest me. What does interest me is just having some entertainment with another person and going home with my partner.

I picture getting to the venue and basically going to the person of the opposite sex and just have a nice time. I know it might be awkward if the actual couples are close by so let's just try not to be very close.
Now you must be an open minded person obviously to join this group
Absolutely no communicating with the opposite sex outside of the "date nights" unless the woman initiates it no men allowed to come on strong
The people that join must be in a heterosexual relationship
We will need to verify with the woman in the relationship via phone and 2 pictures of the couple so there won't be any creepy men trying to join by themselves
This group is for people in their late 20s -30s

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