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This is a group for those interested in playing backgammon in Long Island, NY. All skill levels welcome - I'd like to play other people/levels and hopefully establish a group that is more local than NYC. Social games at first, and when we reach a critical mass, we can have tournaments.

Upcoming events (2)

Cornerstone Restaurant Mon,1/31 - A New Fun Way to Play Backgammon

Cornerstone Pub & Restaurant

Everyone should RSVP which will help me with the setup.
There will be a $20 registration fee which is a $10 credit for food & drink & $10 toward the prizes.
Everyone gets to Play Backgammon in a 3 or 4 player chouette.
Each Player starts with 29 points (like 29 chips in poker).
3-4 Player chouette will play 2 ½ hrs (start 7:30 last game 10:00)
If a player doubles his points he wins both first & second place
but if nobody doubles their points then
the top 2 lead point players will have a playoff game to see who is first & second.
Each player has their own doubling cube and
everybody gets to roll the dice.
You can sign up starting at 7:00 pm but please be there by 7:15 so that we can start on time. If later then 7:15 then you will be assigned a spot. If later then 7:30 then penalty points might be assessed.

Any Questions, send me a message. See You There.

This is the way a Lot of Players Love to play Backgammon
A Great Learning Experience for All.
Any questions about Backgammon strategy, come early and ask.

On-Line Tournaments

Needs a location

Hi All,
The USBGF, NY & the Long Island Backgammon Club are running
2 Tournaments online. These Tournaments are CONTINUOUS Playing.
We would like the matches to start on that day and players then can meet on the DISCORD web site to talk to their opponent which game site (Galaxy Or Heros3) to play.

The tournaments are 8 Players and 5 point matches.

1 – Free Tourney – gather 250 points to win $25 Prize.
10 pts for 1st : 5 pts for 2nd
(Single Elimination)

2 - $5 Entry Fee Tourney - to win $25 for 1st & $10 for 2nd
(double Elimination)
Whoever Wins 2 out of 3 Matches – Goes to the Playoffs
The first 8 registrations will play.

Sign up - RSVP here & send an email to [masked]
Need: Your BackgammonGalaxy.com Username and which tournament site you want to play in.
I will then post the matches to Discord on the Bracket list.
I am setting up a voice & text server where the tournament players can meet.
It is through a program called DISCORD that has chat rooms with tables.

Here is an invite for you to join the Long Island Backgammon DISCORD Server. This is where you can CLICK on VOICE Channel Tournament and talk to players that are in the Tournament Room

This is a youtube video that explains how the voice & text works in the program.
It is like meeting at a Backgammon Event to play. :)


any questions please let me know,

John B

We can help you to create BackgammonGalaxy.com Account
- the Backgammon Board is shown
Also Backgammon Studio Heros3
Both places where the games can be played

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On-Line Tournaments

Needs a location

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