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We are a group of folks interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the slew of possibilities, problems, and policies they are creating.


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LI's First Annual Bitcoin Pizza Day

315 Main St

Register here: https://bitcoinpizzaday.eventbrite.com/ Your chance to learn about and touch Bitcoin. Or just have some great pizza! Long Island Blockchain and Launchpad are excited to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day on Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 at Launchpad Huntington. It was on that day 9 long years ago, when Laszlo Hanyecz became the first person ever to buy something with Bitcoin by purchasing a pair of pizzas from Papa John’s with 10,000 Bitcoin and the help of a programmer in the UK. At the time the purchase was worth about $40. With the price of Bitcoin today, we're talking $40 Million Dollars. Mama Mia that's a lot of toppings! Therefore, to recognize Laszlo's creation of the perfect union between tech and pizza, May 22nd has been commemorated around the world as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”. Join us as we celebrate this audacious day with a few local pizza restaurants stepping up to recreate the act by selling their slices for Bitcoin. Good news is that it won't cost you $40 million dollars. Slices will be sold for the Bitcoin equivalent of $1.00. Don’t have Bitcoin? No problem! Long Island Blockchain Council will be on hand to show attendees how to buy, store, and use Bitcoin. Bring cash and we'll convert it to Bitcoin that you access from your phone right then and there. A few minutes later, chow down on some great local pizza. Not Enough fun? How about some comedy with your slice? Biz Blast Radio presents the Biz Blast comedy show, featuring some of Long Islands best up & coming Stand-up comics. Following directly after, Biz Blast Radio will be recording a Live episode interviewing Long Island Blockchain Council, answering your questions and playing the popular celebrity net worth game "How Much Am I Worth" - Bitcoin edition. To learn more about Biz Blast Radio visit bizblastradio.com Agenda 6:00 – 7:00pm Networking, Wallet Set-Ups, Pizza & Drinks 7:00 – 7:30pm Biz Blast comedy show 7:30 – 8:15pm Live Broadcast by Biz Blast Radio and Q&A Register here: https://bitcoinpizzaday.eventbrite.com/

Create Your Own Crypto Coin!


Want to create your own cryptocurrency? The Ethereum platform enables developers to create a wide array of different types of applications. These applications are called distributed applications OR dapps for short. The first “killer dapp” on the Ethereum platform was the ability to create your own tokens… essentially creating your own coin! In this collaborative presentation we will develop our own ERC 20 coin and deploy it to the mainnet. We will learn how easy it is to actually create your own coin and demonstrate how to deploy dapps to the Ethereum blockchain. Even if you are not a developer, this event will be great to learn more in depth as to what exactly a token is and how it can be used for various types of business endeavors.

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Virtual Meetup - Blockchain Payment Services

LaunchPad LI (Huntington)

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