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Long Island Ethical Non-Monogamy (Poly/Solo/Open/Anarchy) is a meetup for people who identify or are curious about different forms of non-monogamy. This group is for people to connect through social events, promote healthy discussions about relationships (or non-relationships) and create a supportive local community.

Feel free to use this group as a resource to learn about other groups and events in NY (or NJ).

Facebook Group Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/16489755401... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/164897554010193/)

Group Rules and Membership Approval Guidelines

Membership Approval Guidelines:

Please have a clear photo of yourself. If you are uncomfortable posting a picture due to the nature of your job or the like, feel free to email the organizers and we can discuss options.

Group Rules:

Be excellent to each other; treat other members with respect to their space and boundaries. It's good to ask first before doing something, and to listen to their wishes. This isn't a place to come cheat on a spouse; this is a safe and honest, open environemtn.

If you feel disrespected or uncomfortable by anyone in this group in any way please send a message to a group administrator explaining the nature of the incident. We, as organizers, reserve the right to ban anyone in this group as we see fit.

Please update your RSVP status if you are unable to attend a meetup. Some of our events will be limited attendance. It is rude to hold a space if you are unable to attend.

We reserve the right to remove any member who has rsvped yes, but not shown to more than (3) events in a (6) month time span.

If you have any questions about your attendance record or difficulty attending events due to scheduling, please feel free to email any of the organizers and we will do our best to work with you.

FYI: ALL INFO ON THIS MEETUP GROUP SITE IS COMPLETELY PUBLIC, ANYONE BROWSING THIS GROUP CAN SEE EVERYTHING from profiles, greetings, to the message board with the exception of email messages sent to an individual.

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Get together, 2020!

Red Lobster

Summer fun!

Drift 82

Let's hang out!

Needs a location

**Optional Meetup** Brooklyn Sex Expo

Brooklyn Expo Center

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