What we're about


This is a group intended to link Mobile App developers, Marketers, Investors, and also people with ideas looking for help in creating apps and / or marketing them.


• Are you've already built an app and want to spread the word

• Are you are an App builder with an idea, or are you offering app building services

• Are you a Marketer who can help a developer succeed

• Are you an investor looking for the next killer app

• Are you just curious, looking to explore and learn

This group is for you. Build your team, Join a Team, Get the word out about your app.


Events will include both formal presentations, educational events, networking meetups, demos, pitch presentations, and possibly mobile job fairs. Presentation events will include topics and speakers relevant to developers as well as to the business of creating, funding, launching and marketing apps. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences, ask questions, offer suggestions, make pitches, and potentially match up to round out their teams.

HELP WANTED - Please contact the organizer - Jeff Bennett

• Speak up if you would like to make a presentation to the group

• Speak up if you can help find speakers

• Speak up if you can help find venues for physical meetings

• Speak up if you would like to sponsor the group - help pay for food, or offer a physical meeting venue, offer prizes, etc

• All Suggestions welcome


Looking forward to seeing you at our meetings

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