What we're about

Long Island Musicians Network (LIMU) is a group of area musicians and singers looking to meet-up with other musicians to jam, form a band or add personnel to an existing band.

All genres of music are welcome.

The heart of LIMU is the members list (click the blue number next to “Members” field there on the left, just beneath the pix of the ecstatic music lover) where you can post detailed info about yourself, your musical tastes and preferences, as well as info about the kind of musicians you’re looking to get together with.

You can also scout the members list for people to play with, and zip them an email if you’re interested. (Include your email address with your message if possible. It’ll make it easier for people to network with you.)

Essentially, think of LIMU as on online, musicians-only club, where you can drop in anytime, meet as many people as you’d like, and make as many connections as you’d like to play the music you love.

In addition to online networking, the group also holds monthly music festivals, where members get together in a larger group to listen and perform.

HAVE A PAID GIG THAT NEEDS MUSICIANS? If you have a paid gig that needs a solo artist, combo, band or other combination of singers and/or musicians, send your ad to joe (at) JMrock.com and we'll post the offer to LIMU's 500+ member mailing list free-of-charge.

(Note: Please don't use your profile to advertise services you provide to musicians.)

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