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What we’re about

Long Island Riders Group was founded for riders interested in sharing their passion for the sport of motorcycling. Have you traveled to NYC on a bike? Want to have lunch in New Paltz? How about camping in Lake Placid? Or how about a great ride on Long Island to a new place or an old favorite? L.I.R.G. wants to bring together riders who share a passion for exploring life, meeting new friends, and navigating the world on two wheels. Motorcycling is not just about the bikes. It’s about the journeys we take and memories we form along the way. Join us and help create a lasting group of friends.

Thank you for your interest in LIRG. LIRG is for riders who are both experienced or just starting out. It is open to all makes and model cruisers. When Membership is granted its understood that you ride at your own risk. You will be expected to read the LIRG Group Policy and liability disclaimer accessible on the the web site and from your desk top (no accessible from phone app) located under "more" then "Messages" both of these are pin to the top of the list. This is also a good time to take a look around the site and check out our past rides and activities. If you agree to our policy, like what you see, then Welcome to LIRG. Member dues have been suspended at this time but may be reinstated in future. Thank you and welcome.

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