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This group was founded in 2007 to provide a forum of support for people suffering from shyness and social anxiety. Social anxiety can manifest itself in our lives in a range of different ways. From a seemingly harmless shyness around others to the panic and fear of agoraphobia, social anxiety's impact on our lives runs the full spectrum.

Many people who visit this site will come well versed in issues of social anxiety, avoidance and social phobia. Perhaps they have even undertaken therapy to treat the problem. For others the concept may be something new. All this being said, where does this leave us and how can the group help? First off, I think sharing our stories amongst each other will help us learn that we are not alone. In fact it has been my experience that you may be surprised what the "face" of someone with social anxiety looks like. They are me, they are you, they are your neighbor, they are your boss, they are your uncle, they are everywhere.

Second, I think developing a support system can be a crucial resource for all of us. Having a support system in one's life is very important and having one is unfortunately never a given for those who all too often suffer alone in the grips of social anxiety.

Third, I think meeting up will provide us all with concrete practice in social situations. Who knows? You may even make friends and have fun doing it. Imagine that! I can tell you that we have done some amazing things during this group's existence - from simple activities close to home to trips to places like Alaska, Bermuda, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, and Washington DC. IMPORTANT NOVEMBER 2014 UPDATE In 2014 the group was refreshed to try to achieve a core group like we had several years ago. Most of the almost 500 members who were never or no longer active in the group were removed and a $10 annual fee was implemented. The fee was designed to help cover my meetup costs and also to encourage a much more engaged and active membership. I am happy to say that it has worked! So now is a great time to join us! PPlease keep in mind the following:

-Members are expected to treat one another with respect.
-Members should realize that the information provided on this site is not provided by a medical professional, nor is it meant to replace such.
-Members should use common sense and caution in their interaction with one another.
-Members should regard all information shared by individuals during meetups as privileged and confidential.
-Members are forbidden from posting greetings or sending emails to other members with the explicit purpose of using this site as a dating service. Upon discovery, members in violation of this principle will be removed from the group. Members should wait until they meet each other at an event before sending any such emails or greetings. What members do after they meet each other is their own business. Please go elsewhere or risk being removed from the group if your primary focus here is not social anxiety.
-The group organizer and/or any assistant organizers cannot be held responsible for the actions of any of this group's members.
-The group's membership fee is nominal in nature and helps to cover the cost of keeping the group active on the Meetup site. It is not refundable.
-The group organizer and/or any assistant organizers cannot be held responsible or liable in the event a member sustains an injury or injuries secondary to participation in a meetup.

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