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Welcome to the world of open water and recreational rowing where health (http://www.rowingforall.com/open-water-rowing/health-and-fitness/), enjoyment (http://www.rowingforall.com/open-water-rowing/recreational-rowing/), and sport (http://www.rowingforall.com/open-water-rowing/sport-and-competition/) combine to carry you toward new horizons in your life.

Long Island Sound Coastal Rowers was launched to support and grow the sport of open water rowing on a body of water with unlimited miles of magnificent rowing. Why limit yourself to tidal rivers when the coastline beacons and invites so much more in Omni Open Water Rowing Shells designed for performance, stability and safety in varied open water and ocean conditions.

With an open water rowing shell you can explore the Sound while rowing your way to a healthier and fitter you, join a unique community of scullers, or expand your racing skills through open water competition (http://www.rowingforall.com/little-harbor-boathouse/open-water-team/).

For the beginner and recreational rower -- Omni Rowing's advance design is forgiving and makes for grace and ease in learning the technique of sculling for a lifetime of fun and fitness. For experienced rowers, Omni Rowing opens up a whole new world of rowing and racing on coastal waters in a cutting-edge performance shell designed to win medals!

Omni Rowing helps coaches and rowing clubs attract more people to the sport than ever before. At least 50% of learn-to-rowers are interested in continuing to row for recreation. Consider engaging the wider community and supporting increased membership and revenues through recreational and open water sculling programs - maximizing waterfront locations, facilities and coaching staff.

For Master and Junior programs, on-the-water training continues despite windy and choppy water conditions in Omni Rowing Shells.

From novice scullers to experienced open water competitors, Omni Rowing extends the season, expands rowing options, and takes rowing beyond flat water and out onto open water everywhere.

Call on Rowing For All LLC to support and sponsor public and private Omni Rowing demos and sales events!

Contact: Maryellen@rowingforall.com | 781-504-8420 | rowingforall.com (http://www.rowingforall.com)

Cultivating fun, fitness and well-being for life!

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