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Long Island Co-Ed Soccer Club is the Long Island's first adult co-ed soccer meetup group. You must be 21 years old or older to become a member. The Club was founded in 2010 and has grown from a small group to a well-established organization with multiple weekly games for men and women who enjoy playing friendly pick-up soccer. Long Island Co-Ed Soccer offers all of its members the opportunity to play indoor and outdoor soccer in a fun and supportive environment where getting a good workout and making friends is everyone's top priority. We frequently host other events outside of soccer, host parties, watch matches and attend soccer games together.

Our games are played in Elmont, Floral Park, West Hempstead and at the Hofstra bubble - depending on the time of year and the day of the week. Our outdoor games are permitted full-field matches with lines and large goals but we sometimes have small sided games with Puggs. Our indoor venues offer large and small-sided games where you can work on your skills and endurance.

We also host intra-Club tournaments about 4-6 times a year. These tournaments have become epic events within the Club where the winners are awarded medals and bragging rights. From time to time, we will put together special teams for scrimmages against other Clubs or other area tournaments.

Our spots open to all members each week on Monday nights at 8:30 pm SHARP. As the area's best Club, all of our games fill up quickly, especially during the spring, summer and fall and GAMES ARE NEVER CANCELLED for lack of participation. RSVP is on a first come first serve basis and teams are sent out the night before the game between 8 and 9 pm. You may RSVP for as many games each week as you want. The Club has one golden rule - If you RSVP for the game, you must show up for your spot on time. If you change your mind about a game, you must change your RSVP no lather than 8:00 pm the night before the match (or 4pm for weeknight games) so that another member from the wait list can take your spot. If your name is on the team breakout list, you must show up.

Please, don't take a spot and not show up as your team relies on your attendance!! If you do this after receiving a warning, you are barred from RSVPing for a month and lose a spot in the next tournament. If you do it after a suspension, your name will be removed from our list and you will not be able to play with us anymore. The RSVP rules are enforced and they keep this Club running smoothly.

In case of bad weather, check the site before you head out, in case of cancellation because of heavy rain or snow. We try to call the games about 1 hour before the posted start time.

Rules of Play:

Please note that all of our events are friendly events where slide talking, aggressive play and abusive language are not tolerated. Any member who engages in this kind of misconduct will have their membership revoked. We have in fact removed people because of their behavior. Please also understand that soccer is a contact sport and that while we do our best to make it a fun game, you are assuming the risk of sustaining a serious injury when you play in one of our games.

Offsides Rule:

Since we don't have referees, we enforce offsides on an honor system. Players are expected to always play fairly and this includes playing onside at all times. If, however, you notice that someone is offside, you may call that player offside. To enforce this rule, we ask defenders and keepers to be mindful of the rule and to try to politely enforce the rule at all times. Most players respect the calls. If there is someone posing a particular problem, please notify your organizer and they will resolve if offline at a later time.

Penalty Kicks are always indirect kicks except for tournaments.

Upcoming events (5+)

MLK Game

Dutch Broadway Elementary School


Those who have the day off weather permitted lets have a game. Club Rules Apply.

Tuesday Night Indoor

Storm Sports Academy


Indoor is back on a new night! Please note the new price per game. We will be following the same 6v6 with 1 substitute format as before.

Wednesday Night Indoor 6 v 6

Storm Sports Academy


Our only more advanced/competitive indoor weeknight game. Standard 6 v 6 for 90 minutes.

Friday Night Indoor Game (@ Hofstra)

Hofstra University


***STRICT NO SHOW RULES*** Failure to Show Up to a game or not remove yourself from the game by Thursday 11:00 pm the night before will result in a $20.00 reinstatement fee 1st offense. We are no longer dealing with suspending players. This game is inside the bubble. Join Us Friday nights intermediate/advanced players for some seriously fun, face-paced soccer at Hofstra University. These games will be played on beautiful artificial grass fields. Year round= Indoor The fee for this game is $15.00 which covers the cost of the field which you must pay even if you no show. The field is expensive and the Club goes out of pocket for you if you do not show up! RSVP Rules apply! Update cut off is 11:00 pm Thursday night before game.

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Sunday Morning Pick up!

Sewanhaka High School


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