What we're about

Meetup based around the Occult and Esoteric practices and knowledge. If you're interested in the following, we'd love to get your input on creating a group that can meet and discuss varied subjects as:

- Ceremonial Magick
- Rosicrucianism
- Kabbalah
- Alchemy
- Theosophy
- Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
- Thelema
- Hoodoo/Voodou
- Astrology
- Divination (e.g. tea reading, crystal gazing, scrying, etc.)
- Tarot
- Ouija
- Séance/Spiritualism/Mediumship
- Sigils
- Secret Societies
- Paganism
- Witchcraft (sole practitioner)
- Gnosticism/Esoteric Christianity

Whether you are interested in the above subjects in a scholarly way or if you're a practitioner, we'd love to touch base and work to form a community of like-minded individuals that can share their knowledge and experiences in these hidden practices.

This group is for the exploration and transmission of ideas, knowledge and experiences, not for monetization of services.

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Longmont Occult and Esoteric Curiosity MeetUp

Village Inn

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