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This group is for anyone who loves to play euchre... even if you're not from the Midwest! Your hosts, Jenny (ex-pat Wisconsinite with a penchant for cheese - go figure) and Jon (ex-pat Brit who speaks in a snooty accent to appear clever) would love to welcome you to our home. Both of us love meeting new folks, drinking a glass of good wine, and shaking our heads (Jen) every time Jon forgets that the left bower is trump...

Jenny is very superstitious: she believes strongly in aligning with the bathtub, sprouting points, and not sitting between the scorecards.

Jon is also very superstitious: he believes that blind luck will win the game.

Finally, enjoy the following 'Ten Commandments of Euchre' by Harvey Lapp... :)

1. Thou shalt not pass a biddable hand.
2. Thou shalt count upon thy partner for one trick.
3. Thou shalt not trump thy partner's ace.
4. Thou shalt trump thy partner's king.
5. Thou shalt lead trump to thy partner's order.
6. Thou shalt not lead trump to thine opponent's order.
7. When thou hast ordered trump, lead thy right bower to smite thy foes.
8. Order not the right bower unto thy partner's hand unless thou canst go alone.
9. Go thou alone whenever thou canst, unless thy team hath eight or nine points.
10. Thou shalt not complain about the cards that the Lord thy euchre God hath bestowed upon thee.

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