What we're about

"Look, sir. Droids!" aims to network theoreticians and industry professionals with a focus on robotics in the Lancaster area in the hopes that we all might compliment and nurture each other's technical prowess as the 21st century marches on. So, everyone with even a tangentally related interest should join.

Twice a month, we'll be hosting meetings with alternating focuses on theory and practical application. At meetings centered around theory, we'll be meeting with -- in person or via web conferencing -- professors, professional engineers, machinists, programmers, costume designers, etc for Q&A. Meetings focused on practical application will have a central focus on a workshop topic which will include items such as:

Rasperry Pi clusters and parallel processing

CNC machining -- from tabletop to large scale solutions

FDM 3D printing(cartesian, delta, coreXY, scara -- basics, customization, diy machines

SLA 3D printingAutomation solutions


Metalworking techniques: blacksmithing, casting, soldering, welding, brazing, annealing, tempering

Clockwork and other mechanical movements

Slip casting with latex, silicone, resins, etc

General moldmaking and castingAlginate molding and casting

Casting nonmetals(latex, resins, plastics, silicone, etc) using rigid molds(plaster, stone, etc)

And so on.

All meetings will be scheduled at or near an active site of some sort -- machine shops, maker spaces, art studios, etc -- that we can access and utilize to explore ideas that may come up over the course of each meeting.

Additional meetings, formal or informal, will likely be added to the schedule as needed in order to better meet the needs of members.

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First Friday inaugural informal meet and greet

Burkholder Project

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