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Is there anything more important than health and fitness? Expanding out from our initial Meet-Ups helping explore the latest trends in make-up with our fabulous Make-Up Artist, Brenda Higuera! The goal is to broaden the topic to cover other areas, such as nutrition, exercise, diet, and anything else that pertains -- including state of mind. We will team up with experts in each of the fields as we did with Brenda. Anybody and everybody is welcome. The goal is to become healthy, wealthy and wise. Occasionally I will use some of the latest technology and create a virtual video conference so people can Meet-Up even if they are not geographically close. The internet makes us neighbors. I will also experiment with the latest game-changer Facebook Live! I've been using it for all my other enterprises and I love living in cyberspace. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them to me: Like everything else in life, this is not a destination, but a journey that we can take together. In the end: We're Better Together! http://www.billtaub.com/contact/ So, here's to: Lookin' good. And Feelin' good! They go hand in hand...


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