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Looking for Role Players is a Meetup design to help bring tabletop role-playing GMs and players together in a neutral and safe environment. We play at Keiser University on Saturdays.

All players and GMs are welcome to join our group. We take great pride in accepting new players to the game and help them learn how to play.

We are currently playing Aftermath! by FGU. Both games are online as Keiser isn't hosting Meetups at this time. Our online games are limited to those people who can play in person with us when we move back to in-person games, with a few exceptions who've been playing with us long term.

We offer time and space for other GMs to run their games. Please let us know if you would like to join us.

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The Host - Aftermath! - Game 12

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Aftermath! - The Host, Alien Encounter

Now that the party has an Alien to help them, it is time to start planning for the launch. The party now knows that Bill is an Alien so his actions need to be viewed in a different light. He is also very old making him the most dangerous type as he can jump to a new body and perhaps go back to being Bill! This could be complicated.

Note: One player will likely miss this game, so we will be working on getting the party ready to launch and going a bit light on advancing the story. I'm sure some issues will get in the way of whatever is planned.

Please note this game is currently full. Do not sign up without speaking to the organizer first.

This is a play-in-person game in Jacksonville, FL, which is currently playing online until our location opens again. We will only consider players who can make it to local games.

Aftermath! - War of the Worlds - Game 1

Online event

Aftermath! - War of the Worlds

This game will be on Roll20 and Discord.

This game is now officially full. Please do not sign up for this game without prior approval.

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Aftermath! - Firearm Combat Primer

Online event

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