What we're about

Looney in Leucadia is a community group for spiritual nerds who want to take life less seriously. Drinking, talking, laughter, and even a bit of singing and silent group meditation may be involved. Overall, this is one of the simplest and most powerful forms of community practice. What to bring:

• Whatever you like to drink

• A voice

• A lawn chair or if you prefer, a yoga mat

About Our Community Group Events

Looney in Leucadia was grounded and firmly rooted in community expression. Our focus is to have events here in Encinitas that are filled with words that focus on positivity, freedom and sensitivity. We are founded on the principle that each mind matters and in support of that mental health movement, we designed a community space filled with regular intervals of talking, laughter, singing, movement, revelation, self-disclosure, and vibrational energy through smaller groups that include activities like:

- Hanging out on a Bird's front lawn
- Game nights,
- Singing groups
- Running groups
- Yoga groups
- Climbing/Bouldering
- Camping groups and
- General community support

Our intention is to be Looney birds that want to be active members with a genuine interest in participating. We love nature and that includes beaches, parks, hiking, surfing, yoga, camping, and even climbing and boldering. We have even been known to sing, backpack, attend outdoor concerts, and like most, we are friendly group where individuals have formed many lifetime friendships. You will be welcomed here and we are also part of the LGBTQ community and a safe space.

New Members, please note - we understand you are checking out our group to see if it is a good fit for you. If you choose not to participate in an event for a REALLY long time, you may be removed. We wish to have an active membership. We are seeking active members who are compatible with what we have to offer.


Looney in Leucadia Organizers have established some simple guidelines:


- FACE PHOTO REQUIRED. In order to join our group and remain a member, you must have a RECOGNIZABLE photo of your face on your profile. You are subject to removal from this group without a recognizable photo.

- RSVP REQUIRED. As limited space is available, you must RSVP for events in which you will participate. No walk-ups or "crashers". Event Hosts will often place a limit on the number participants. Please don't just show up. This also includes bringing a guest without an RSVP.

- GUESTS. For most events, guests are allowed. But, check the event listing or with the event host if there is a question.

- NO SHOWS. If you are unable to attend an event for which you have an "RSVP", change it to "No - Not Attending", as soon as possible.

- DONATION. We ask for a voluntary $5 per year donation (or more if you like) to help cover the monthly cost of this Meetup, but to be honest.. no one will hunt you down and scream, "where is my five dollars?!?" so there is no link here to "donate" (yet).

- PARTICIPATE. We are moving toward having a group of engaged and active members. If you find this is not what you are looking for, you are welcome to remove yourself. Lack of regular participation will subject a member to removal from the group, but individual circumstances will be considered.

- SAFETY and COURTESY. Safety is our number one concern for each of our events. In addition, everyone is expected to exhibit courtesy and respect during our events. Do not expect others to supply equipment, food, necessities, or other items without prior arrangements. Expect to fairly compensate drivers in car pools.

- BE PLEASANT. Be nice. Thank the Event Host. Make the events an enjoyable experience for all. Organizers often pay fees to host these events and may put significant effort into each one, so please leave positive feed back in the Comments section after the event.

Please know that members who ignore these guidelines are subject to suspension or removal. Severe violations will result in permanent removal.

(updated 10-9-18)

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Singing meditation


Singing meditation


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