AWS Cost Optimization: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

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Our next meetup has us springing into savings with some best practices, tips and tricks surrounding AWS Cost Optimization.

Are you struggling to find IT budget to drive new business initiatives? There are many things you can do within the AWS console to drastically reduce your monthly AWS spend. Join us for a meetup on tips and tricks to better optimize your AWS console and free up IT budgets for projects that drive innovation and move the business forward.

- An introduction to cost optimization and savings on AWS
- Resource and cost allocation tagging strategies and best practices
- How to leverage AWS usage reports to create an effective cost evaluation and reduction plan that lowers your monthly AWS costs 10-50%
- What are three-year convertible and Reserved Instance families and when does it makes sense to leverage them?
- Demo on CloudHealth platform

Doors open at 6:00 for registration, pizza, and beer. Talk begins at 6:30.

Sean Anderson, Cloud Business Analyst - Optimizer Team at Onica

Presenter Bio:
Sean Anderson is a Business Analyst on the Cloud Optimizer Team in Santa Monica, California. Sean advises Fortune 500 companies, Unicorn startups, and others on cloud architecture, best practices, and cost optimization. Before joining Onica, Sean spent over five years leading operations at MyTime, a rapid-growth enterprise SaaS startup. In his free time, Sean is a tech, economics, and health enthusiast, and occasionally closes his laptop.