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AVP RULES! Play Beach Volleyball the way it is supposed to be played and have fun in the process.

This group is intended for those who are of all levels. This group was started so people of all levels can learn to play according to AVP rules and advance their skills or break any bad habits. We hope everyone who comes out every week with a target goal in mind of what they would like to improve upon and hopefully we can all work together to make that happen

Group Meets at either Will Rogers state beach, or at ocean Park 2400 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA.

Rating system is in place so that games are fair and equal.

Rating is as follows...

B (beginner) B's play 3vs3 or 4vs4 only!

BB (middle) BB can play 3 on 3 or doubles

A (Advanced) A's play ONLY doubles.

A players are those who can effectively serve overhand, serve receive, set with little or no rotation, pass with control, hit/spike effectively and know AVP rules.

BB (intermediate) are those who are Middle level and are still learning yet need a bit more work in a few of the areas(60% or higher accuracy).

B are beginners/low intermediate who are still learning and not familiar with AVP rules (accuracy and consistency needs some improvement).

Please assess your own skill level and determine what areas you need or would like to work on. This will show the organizers you care about the goals of the group and are open minded to addressing the items that need improvement (because everyone can improve on something).

The structure of the group meetup will have a high level of play every Sunday morning. This will be advanced doubles and some 3's level of structured volleyball. We will have 3-4 courts each day and the meet up will last until mid day.

Then we will have open play with the 3-4 courts at least every other weekend. This will be for the remainder of the Sunday. We will have doubles, 3's and 4's during this point of the day.

If you love beach volleyball, want a fair game, good workout, and to play the game how it should be played, then this group is for you. This group is here to help you improve your skills and have fun in the process.

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