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To realize the benefits of cloud: the innovation, the agility and fast iteration speeds, reduced costs and efficiency, we need a plan. Otherwise we risk failures, breaches, highers costs, and will not be able to leverage the innovation that attracted us to cloud in the first place. The purpose here is two-fold:

First is to solve problems related to cloud adoption and big data. My problems, your problem...the community's problems. We look at not only best practices, but also WORST practices. We talk, we drink, we figure this out.

Second is to really understand these technologies: how are they useful, what can they do, what are integration concerns, etc. Whether you are the DBA maintaining data warehouse or the SQL landscape, or the Network Architect managing the firewalls, or the IT Director getting blamed for everything, this group is for you

More info here (https://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Azure-Cloud-Big-Data-Meetup/about/):


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