Distributed crypto-currency trading with Apache Pulsar

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Abstract :-

Apache Pulsar was developed to address several shortcomings of existing messaging systems including geo-replication, message durability, and lower message latency.

We will implement a multi-currency quoting application that feeds pricing information to a crypto-currency trading platform that is deployed around the globe. Given the volatility of the crypto-currency prices, sub-second message latency is critical to traders. Equally important is ensuring consistent quotes are available to all geographical locations, i.e the price of Bitcoin shown to a user in the USA should be the same as it to a trader in Hong Kong.

We will highlight the advantages of Apache Pulsar over traditional messaging systems and show how its low latency and replication across multiple geographies make it ideally suited for globally distributed, real-time applications.


David Kjerrumgaard is an teacher, author, experienced Big Data technologist, and technology leader with Streamlio, where he serves as Director of Solution Architecture. Prior to joining Streamlio, David served as the Practice Director of professional services at Hortonworks, with a focus on delivering real-time stream processing solutions based on Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, and Apache Storm.

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Parking - Please park on the street (Coral Tree Place) and walk in.