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The LABB's mission is to further the art of bread baking in Los Angeles. We're a group of dedicated amateur bakers. LABB members will get together to discuss techniques, order ingredients in bulk and work towards the creation of wood fired community bread ovens. If you have ideas for new meetings, a teacher you'd love us to bring to town, or would like to help organize a bread-related party, email the organizers!

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Ongoing Bulk Grain & Flour Order for Pickup @The King's Roost

note: this posting is old, but contains useful info on our cooperative purchasing program.

Hello LABBers!

We did it! The first order came through and about 20 LABBers participated. The next order is already starting to fill up, so go ahead and place your order now on the form below. Once another pallet fills up, we'll place the order and email those of you that ordered directly with the estimated arrival date, then we will email again once we have confirmation from the shipper of the exact arrival date & time.

Here is the link to the form again:


We are also looking into adding some grains and options from local farms, so stay tuned.

A few notes/reminders:

• Save or bookmark the link above, we plan to keep it open indefinitely

• The pricing arrangement will remain the same (wholesale + shipping) and we have updated the form to include the shipping costs ($6 for 50lb bags and 60 cents for 5 lb bags) to the King's Roost for simplicity.

• Please do your very best to pick up on the day it is scheduled to arrive. Even though you have 5 days to pick up, we don't have room for it all in the store. So if everyone waits to pick up, we will be in quite a pickle.

• in order to close out each order to begin working on the next one, any orders left past 5 days will be forfeited and donated to the LABB. We may bake a giant loaf of bread with it, donate it, or find some other positive use for it so it won't go to waste.

• If you place an order and decide to add to it, just order the additional product on the form.

• If your order somehow gets messed up (for example, our shipper impaled a couple innocent bags of ABC with a forklift) we will generally refund you for your product. Then you need go re-order on the form so it comes on the next shipment.

• Finally: PRICE CHANGES. Central Milling periodically updates pricing and availability without notice. Because our form will be live all the time, it can sometimes reflect an old price. If something you ordered becomes unavailable, or if the price changes dramatically, we'll let you know and/or process a refund or additional payment as appropriate. Sometimes prices can drop dramatically too! If you spot a big price discrepancy between their website and our form, let me know and I'll update it for future orders.

Central Milling Order Link
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Here is the link to the ongoing central milling order:

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