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Let’s chat about how we chat about climate change. How can we hold conversation with our friends and family to bring forth acknowledgement and a desire for collective action.

As Americans, we love talking about the weather but don’t ever talk about what’s really happening. While over 70% acknowledge man-made climate change is taking place, less than 30% of us talk about it with our family and friends- yet we all have to be part of the solution together!

Why has climate change become such a taboo subject ?

In this meetup, we discuss this phenomenon called “climate silence” and share stories and insights for opening up this dialogue and staying positive when all the news of species extinctions and massive climate disasters daunts your newsfeed.

Together, we’ll share our hopes, fears and talk about how we can succeed!

These discussions are focused on breaking the "climate silence" and making conversations accessible.

Most inspired by this gem of a resource: https://www.theclimatechat.org

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Climate Conversations

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