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Here, we unite professionals in the domain of cloud-native development / deployment who are inspired by all things containers, and Kubernetes.

While Kubernetes emerges as a major a platform of choice for container orchestration, a bunch of questions investigating what the tool brings to the world of cloud-native arise:

• How do Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes play together? Should they be viewed as layers in a stack, as side-by-side technologies, or as completely separate technologies?

• What is the role of containers today? Have they become commodities?

• What are the key steps to Day 2 operations, once Kubernetes has been deployed in the app and services development process?

• How essential is the 12-factor app approach in a cloud-native world that features both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

• What are the learning curves for Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry?

What are the key lessons learned in going cloud-native, and what are the key roles played by Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

This group aims at delivering answers to each and every of these questions, and many more to arise as technologies evolve. Sign up today to begin or continue your journey down the cloud-native path!

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[WEBINAR] Maturing With Kubernetes On AKS

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