What we're about

If you're like most coaches (everyone from brand-new to seasoned pro), you crave community. You feed off the enthusiasm of other people causing breakthroughs.

And if you're like most coaches, you want to know what's working and what's not working out there. How are other coaches running their businesses? Strategies for working remotely? Hosting live workshops? Squarespace or Wordpress?

--> Come to our monthly Los Angeles coaches gathering. <--

No matter your area of focus (life coaching, business coaching, finance coaching, leadership coaching, relationship coaching, mentoring, and so on), come to learn (and share) best practices.

"But I'm afraid someone will steal my worksheet idea!" Guess what? People aren't signing up for your worksheets and materials. They're signing up to work with YOU. Nobody else can coach in the exact same way you can. And, let's not forget why we started coaching: to make a difference. The more coaches, and the more people getting coached, the better off the world is. Share only what you're comfortable sharing.

These free meetups are largely unscripted, but themes include:
-How to build content people can't stop downloading
-Building a superstar coaching team: who to hire
-Keeping yourself out of your laundry room and in your home office
-Whether you need certification, and if so which ones you'll feel at home with
-Saying "no thanks" to a tricky client
And more.

Have a theme in mind? Just message us!

This group is sponsored by CoachAccountable: Deliver better programs. To more people. With less work.

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