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This gathering is for those interested in spiritual and physical upgrading, the current season of the cosmos, energetic activations, metaphysics, biohacking, or if you want to know where our society is heading with consciousness trends that can help your personal or professional development. We encourage enlightenment to be facilitated into small startups to broad markets including technology, education and health sciences for the purpose of lifting up global awareness that can shift consciousness to a healthier, higher, and multidimensional capacity. This is going to be a social meeting where you can collaborate with fellow attendees on discussions that could lead to personal growth and professional projects. This meeting will include a small lecture on current consciousness. We will then engage in a spiritual upgrading activation. Hope to see you there.

Joshua Friedman (Third Eye) has a gift for understanding time, energy, consciousness, and music. He is currently involved in shifting our world into a more liberating and harmonious environment with music, new technologies and global disclosure. He has an ability to activate dormant DNA that holds the ability to transition into higher consciousness.

Ekaterina Khvostova is an astrophysicist. She has worked with various space companies including NASA. She's an entrepreneur that has helped startups and she has also been involved in international science and technology policy. She’s currently doing energy work and hopes to bridge science and spirituality more.

Edgar Ruiz has an ability to open an understanding of multiple dimensions and can help facilitate higher levels of spiritual empowerment through energetic healing. He has a unique relationship with Source that he can connect to information from a higher dimension outside of time. He’s been involved in spiritual healing in various ministries. Currently, he is getting downloads to understand the heavens (space) and new biological and technological trends.

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