Matryx. A Decentralized Research Platform.

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Matryx. A Decentralized Research Platform. Driven By Collaboration and Competition.

Innovation is an iterative process; scientists have mastered the art of standing on the shoulders of giants. New discoveries are the result of collaboration between mathematicians, scientists, and researchers alike, each building on thousands of years of established knowledge. In this presentation we present Matryx, a platform that enables and incentivizes this type of collaboration. Matryx is composed of a bounty system and a marketplace for digital assets to be bought, sold, and remixed into new assets. Bounties are placed on solutions to specific problems. Submissions to bounty tournaments enter the collection of assets and are available to other users. In this way collaborators are incentivized to build, distribute, and expand upon each other’s work in the pursuit of valuable goals. Matryx reduces friction of collaboration between strangers by providing a common framework and concrete goals.

While this presentation will focus on its applications within the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Matryx’s approach to collaboration is applicable in a wide variety of fields.

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About Nanome

Nanome Inc. (2015), a virtual reality (VR) software company headquartered in San Diego, California, was incorporated with the intention of shattering the interfacial bottleneck currently choking STEM innovation, especially in nanoengineering and high-level mathematics.

The engineering, design, and study of both nanoscopic matter and complex mathematics is impractical, if not impossible, with traditional software tools. Nanome is fine-tuning a virtual workspace to break the bottleneck and accelerate STEM innovation.

Steve McCloskey
CEO, Nanome

Steve McCloskey is an Alumni from the first class of the UC San Diego Nanoengineering department and is from North Hollywood, CA. Steve’s work is at the interface level from both a design approach on the human interface to digital technology and the biochemical interface to nanomaterials. During his time at UC San Diego Steve worked directly with the founding Chair of the Nanoengineering Department, Ken Vecchio helping set the foundation for the Nanoengineering Materials Research Center and developing thermodynamic processing methods for Iron-based Superelastic alloys. After graduating with a B.S. in Nanoengineering he enrolled in graduate courses at UCSD in Nanoengineering Materials Simulations and Human Interface Design. He founded Nanome Inc (previously Nano VR) in 2015 to spread Nanoengineering concepts through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.