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NodeSchool Los Angeles Workshop
## MUST VISIT THE MAIN SITE FOR LOCATION ## ## ## for more information and the RSVP Link. RSVPs on meetup may not be taken so be sure to go to the website ( and click RSVP. LEARN CODING Join us and learn coding with us. You are going to learn the basics of Node.js. It's a plus if you know some JavaScript beforehand, but if not we can help you out. SELF GUIDED You will go through a set of self-paced challenges. No boring talks. All challenges are Open Source and available online on ( This means you can continue learning after the event. FOR EVERYONE We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other and respect the Code of Conduct. ( Before the Event Before the event on Saturday, install Node.js and a workshop that you'd like to work on. If you are just starting out, "learnyounode" is highly recommended. Doing this before the event will help you get going quickly. Check-in and Food / Drink Please find a name tag and write your name. Food and drink should be available so please help yourself before the event begins. Tables and Wifi Please find a table and chair inside the main training room. Connect yourself to the wireless network and download any necessary programs and workshopper to get started (Node.js and Learnyounode if it's your first time with Node.js). The network name will displayed on the video screens. Mentors will be available to assist if you haven't done this step prior to arriving at the event. What to Expect Actual time to get to work on a workshopper will be about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. You are free to work on any workshopper you like and mentors will be available if you get stuck or need any assistance. Everyone is here to learn so there are no egos and no questions that are too silly to ask. Come join and have fun while learning!

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