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Retention Analytics in a Shrinking Industry w/Xander Phoenix from AT&T

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Retention Analytics in a Shrinking Industry w/Xander Phoenix from AT&T


Our next event will be on Thursday 1/17/19 (Happy New Year!)

eSage Group’s L.A. Marketing Analytics Group Presents Xander Phoneix, Associate Director of Customer Retention Marketing Analytics with AT&T

Join us as Xander provides an intriguing presentation that discusses how analytics are used at AT&T – from segmentation to ultimately saving customers while combating an industry that is shrinking and competition that is narrowing.
Xander will discuss:

What pushes customers to their breaking point?
-Customer pain points created thru the normal course of business
-Recurring incidental events driven by inefficiencies in the business

How to start listening to the customer personas
-Segment the customer base by experiences and events that positively/negatively impact churn to drive retention strategies
-Create special discount offers based on consumer feedback, while factoring in differences by geography

How to call the customer’s bluff
-Determine whether the customer experience issue is solvable and whether it is worth solving
-Identify which customers are trying to game the system by bluffing to get special discounts, and which customers are actually serious about disconnecting

You can view Xander Phoenix's LinkedIn Profile here:

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