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Have you ever felt isolated by your peers or even your own family because they just don’t get what it means to be mixed and constantly balancing two identities? The Mixed Girl Meetup addresses just that and provides an outlet for mixed females of all age groups to discuss topics such as colorism, light skin privilege and it it exists or not, fake beauty standards, stereotypes, confidence building and much more. This will be a casual meet-up to connect with other mixed girls in L.A and surrounding areas who have felt they’ve had to always choose between their two or more heritages and want to finally embrace that ‘inbetweenship’ us mixed girls have been finding ourselves in for so long. It will be a positive, uplifting and non-judgemental space where we can share our stories and concerns for a couple of hours. I feel it’s important to open up a dialogue of understanding and where you feel you can relate to someone who looks just like YOU.

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Los Angeles Mixed Girl Meetup

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