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Michael Uzquiano: Cloud CMS, Enterprise Content Management & Web Forms for Mongo

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Cloud CMS - Enterprise Content Management and Web Forms for MongoDB


7:00 pm: meet, greet & eat 7:15 pm: intros 7:25 pm: short #a11y video pursuant to #gaad ( 7:30 pm: main presentation Q&A after the talk followed by RAFFLE & networking TOPIC

Cloud CMS - Enterprise Content Management and Web Forms for MongoDB.

Cloud CMS is an open-source and cloud-ready Enterprise Content Management product that runs on top of MongoDB. It provisions your MongoDB projects with enterprise content services like content modeling, data integrity validation, mimetype transformations and extraction, workflow and custom rules, scriptable behaviors and more. It also provides one-click configuration for a wide array of services to support your content-driven applications such as team/role-based security, object-level permissions, service-level auditing, users and groups management, analytics and reporting and more.

With Cloud CMS, you can augment your new or existing MongoDB projects with robust enterprise content services - all built around JSON, MongoDB and a modern cloud-ready architecture.

This talk will introduce Cloud CMS and its affinity for MongoDB. We'll discuss why we chose MongoDB and how we utilize MongoDB in the cloud. In the latter half, we'll go through some examples of getting started and walk through how to build mobile applications that connect to Cloud CMS. We'll look at a collection of prebuilt authoring tools and framework integrations (such as jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator Titanium, jQuery Web Forms and more).


Michael Uzquiano ( is an open-source contributor and has been a part of the content management industry for 15 years. He's led innovations at such companies as Trilogy Software, Vignette and most recently Alfresco Software. He has an avid interest in collaboration systems and the technology that powers mobile experiences.

Michael is one of the founders of Cloud CMS. His goal is create a company and culture that builds products that deliver authentic value to customers. He'd like to reduce the frustration inherent in typical enterprise software by making things easier and more enjoyable. That way, people save time and money. And focus more on what they'd often rather be doing.

Michael graduated with a BS and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

You can find Michael at:
Twitter (@uzquiano) (
LinkedIn (
Website (


Cloud CMS ( is a cloud-based content management platform that makes it easy to publish content to your mobile applications. Our platform speeds up your application development by reducing costs via prebuilt services, infrastructure and tools. Cloud CMS makes it easy to manage, approve and publish fresh content to your mobile, web and digital signage applications. Our content authoring and collaboration tools work with your existing business content as well as content from social and enterprise systems.

You can find CloudCMS at:
Twitter (@cloudcms) (
Homepage (


QConnects ( are connecting us up with food and beverages so we don't listen to a great talk on an empty stomach :)

Q is a Technology Talent Acquisition Company which was founded to provide increased quality of service and exceed client expectations by placing talent into compatible company environments. Our goal is to find great opportunities for our talent and quality talent for our clients. We understand that Time, Value and Money are important factors in selecting an acquisition partner. Therefore, our aim is to provide this to our clients through our uncompromising commitment and efficient service.


Diamond Web Services (, a boutique dev shop based in Santa Monica,
and O'Reilly (, the premiere technical book publisher, are providing prizes to be raffled off, including a copy of Resource-Oriented Computing with NetKernel ( by Tom Geudens (


Factual ( founded in 2007 by Gil Elbaz, co-founder of Applied Semantics (which launched ASI's AdSense product). Applied Semantics was acquired by Google in 2003. Gil has had a lifelong passion for organizing and structuring information, and building smart tools which can make better sense of data. To that end, he set out to develop an open data platform and community in an effort to maximize data accuracy, transparency, and availability. Fellow data lovers -- Tim Chklovski, chief scientist & founding engineer, Eva Ho, an ex-Googler, along with Bill Michels, former GM of Yahoo BOSS, have joined him in this ambitious project.


Factual is in the Gateway West building, next to the Westfield Century City mall on the east side. It's the only building with big red "Westfield" signs on top. We recommend you park at the mall. You get 3 hours free and our building is a short easy walk: Exit from the mall parking garage up to ground level, head east, pass the Lens Crafters, and you'll be able to enter the west side of 1801. Then just hit the elevators to go up to floor 14, and Factual is in Suite 1450.


Television Four (, located in the heart of Hollywood, is a broadband television programming and production company. TV4's mission is to feed your passion with great storytelling delivered to any screen, anywhere. TV4 are filming tonight's meetup.


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