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Welcome to the grass roots, people-powered, community calendar of events for the Witches & Pagans Community in Los Angeles!

There are several new, important differences between this and most other Meetups. The most important difference is that from now on ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO CREATE AND ANNOUNCE MEETUP EVENTS - as soon as you send a request to be upgraded to Event Organizer status by sending a request to member, Krystal Rains. (click on members, and search for her name)

Due to the recent change in status/spammer ownership, there does appear to be one remaining change. It looks likes Meetup.com altered their policies regarding open calendars, such that groups started after 2014 are not able to allow all members to post events. Instead, admins can upgrade any member to "Event Organizer" status, allowing them to create, edit, and delete their own events as they like. When our meetup changed hands our page changed to the new model.

You can read about Meetup's policy here: Member Suggest Meetups (https://www.meetup.com/help/customer/portal/articles/865438-member-suggested-meetups/?urlkey=help&topic=help&__topic_subdomain=1). "

EVERY SINGLE COMMUNITY MEMBER can post ANY EVENT you like on the new Community Calendar - As soon as you request Event Organizer status due to the changes on Meetup.com (see above) - And you can even announce it yourself immediately the entire community without approval as well.

Here is - step by step - how to create a grass roots Meetup event on the Community Calendar:

1. Join the Community.

2. Go to the members, search for Krystal Rains and request to be made an "Event Organizer"

3. Event Organizers may add Meetups by filling out the 'Let's Meetup and...' form

4. Meetups added by Event Organizers are turned into official Meetups immediately.

5. Event Organizer-added Meetups with a date selected will appear on the Calendar

6. Event Organizer-added Meetups without a date selected will appear only on the 'Upcoming' Meetups list on the Meetup Group's home page

7. The Event Organizer who adds the Meetup may choose to announce the Meetup to the Meetup Group's members immediately.

Finally, the community mailing list is currently moderated, but informative messages will be approved to reach the entire community!

Please Use the Message Boards for ongoing conversations.

These are powerful community building tools. Please use them responsibly.

This is our community. Let's nurture and care for it.

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Odds & Sods – More Witch Waffling with Griffin & Carrie on Zoom (7 wk series)

The Green Man store online


What better way for witches to spend a Friday night than to join some experienced old Odds n Sods witches to have an online Zoom class/presentation/discussion about some particularly interesting Witchcraft subjects?

We are, for sure, a couple of most odd (and often called a) sods type practicing Witches!

Join us in a relaxed, frank, and humorous space, and lead us into some interesting discussions where everything is potentially on the table.

These will be stand-alone single type classes but arranged into a weekly schedule with the option to purchase as a series, so as to reduce your costs, if you are interested in weekly attendance. If only one or two of the subjects interest you, then drop in for a single class here and there!

Our basic concept for the series is to enjoy an evening of frank and open discussion and sharing, drawing from decades of personal experience and making magic work in our lives. Griffin & Carrie have years of experience teaching together and have, collectively, decades of hands-on Witchcraft and teaching experience under their belts!

The type of witchcraft we practice is British Traditional Witchcraft, leaning towards what we think of as old world heretical craft, rooted in the ‘gifts’, working with various types of spirits, including the old Gods and various practices of Magic—though we are happy to engage in all kinds of questions, from all kinds of Witchcraft and Magical practices.

The format, as stated, is to have a relaxed fun Friday night atmosphere, while we get deep into some chewy witchcraft subjects. We want to get into all the odd subjects that people have shown great interest in discussing and understanding better. This upcoming list of subjects is drawn from our community’s expressed interest. As we have more subjects than we have weeks in this series, we hope this may be followed up by another series shortly after this one is done.

The specific subjects and dates for this upcoming run of Odds n Sods to follow – Stay Tuned!

$28 per class, if purchased as single class.

$143 for complete 7 week series if paid in full by first class.

Series discount saves $53 for 7 classes.

To register: https://thegreenmanstore.com/event/more-odds-sods-griffin-carrie-on-zoom/2021-06-25/

Sound Bath

Online event

This is a 45-60 minute soothing meditation, assisted around singing bowls, most of them crystal. The goal is to relax your body, soothe your soul, and balance your your energy. I have figured out how to recreate the experience of a live sound bath on the internet.

One of the things we find is that singing bowls, especially the crystal ones, seem to transmit some of the energy of the practitioner, which means that it is helpful when the practitioner is confident in their technique and in sound theory, is centered and grounded, and works with healing intent. If you have had an uncomfortable experience in a sound bath, the practitioner may have been off that day.

Please note that the session on the last Saturday of the month is a more focused, coached experience designed to help you move through trauma.

For more information and donation options, please visit https://www.ayamanatara.com/classess/please-join-sound-bath/

Inner Sanctum: Creating Guided Vizualizations for Magical Use w/ Scarlett Amaris

This is a digital class via zoom. Zoom informtation will be provided on the day of the event. Purchase tickets here:

With Scarlett Amaris.

In this class we'll discuss the uses of guided visualization for magical practice, and how to weave elements together to create a successful inner journey. Then, as a group, we'll construct one of our own. Know thyself!

Weekly Online Meditation

Online event

Join Ayamanatara for a lightly guided online meditation and discussion (by donation).

Headphones recommended. I use the Zoom app (and website), which you might want to download or check out prior to the meditation so you are good to go.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a call-in option with Zoom as well.

Donation link: https://www.ayamanatara.com/classess/register-weekly-online-meditation/

Note: during the pandemic, there will also be a meditation at 7pm on Thursdays

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