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Belle, Book & Candle Burlesque show "Seed Of The Serpent"
The most magickal show in Los Angeles, Belle, Book And Candle is run by and for witches. It takes place at the historic El Cid Theater on the third Witchy Wednesday of each month. The evening features occult-themed burlesque performances and gifted psychics: Tarot, palm, playing card and oracle readers, crystal gazers, mediums and energy healers. Produced by Pleasant “Princess Farhana” Gehman and Shana "Lilo"Leilani, both professional dancers who are also witches, the show takes it’s name from the popular 1958 film starring Kim Novak as a beatnik sorceress in Greenwich Village. Acclaimed burlesque performers present shows full of dark glamour, sinister fairy tales, pagan hedonism and supernatural fantasies. The second half of the show always starts with an onstage ritual by a well-known magick practitioner…and our professional psychic readers and healers are hand-picked for their accuracy and will amaze and delight. Deejay Lina Lecaro weaves a musical spell all night conjuring up everything from The Cramps to Stevie Nicks, metal and dark wave. Come early for dinner and divination - sign up to get your fortune told before, during intermission or after the shows. Raffle Prizes courtesy of Panpipes Magickal Marketplace **This show always sells out: Purchase advance tickets here: Upcoming Shows: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2018 FAMILIARS: SPIRIT ANIMALS & SEXY BEASTS WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2018 ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY HEXTRAVAGANZA WEDNESDAY JUNE 20: SUMMER SOLSTICE WED. JULY 18, 2018 SEVEN DEADLY SINS

El Cid

4212 W. Sunset Blvd. · Los Angeles, CA

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