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Welcome to the grass roots, people-powered, community calendar of events for the Witches & Pagans Community in Los Angeles!

There are several new, important differences between this and most other Meetups. The most important difference is that from now on ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO CREATE AND ANNOUNCE MEETUP EVENTS - as soon as you send a request to be upgraded to Event Organizer status via the 'suggest' a meetup link.

Due to the recent change in status/spammer ownership, there does appear to be one remaining change. It looks likes Meetup.com altered their policies regarding open calendars, such that groups started after 2014 are not able to allow all members to post events. Instead, admins can upgrade any member to "Event Organizer" status, allowing them to create, edit, and delete their own events as they like. When our meetup changed hands our page changed to the new model.

At the top of our meetup you'll still see that it says "Suggest a Meetup" + except now, when you press the button, it doesn't post your suggestion as an event on the calendar, it sends a message to the admins.

You can read about Meetup's policy here: Member Suggest Meetups (https://www.meetup.com/help/customer/portal/articles/865438-member-suggested-meetups/?urlkey=help&topic=help&__topic_subdomain=1). "

EVERY SINGLE COMMUNITY MEMBER can post ANY EVENT you like on the new Community Calendar - As soon as you request Event Organizer status due to the changes on Meetup.com (see above) - And you can even announce it yourself immediately the entire community without approval as well.

Here is - step by step - how to create a grass roots Meetup event on the Community Calendar:

1. Join the Community.

2. Go to the 'Let's Meetup and...' prompt to suggest request to be made an "Event Organizer"

3. Event Organizers may add Meetups by filling out the 'Let's Meetup and...' form

4. Meetups added by Event Organizers are turned into official Meetups immediately.

5. Event Organizer-added Meetups with a date selected will appear on the Calendar

6. Event Organizer-added Meetups without a date selected will appear only on the 'Upcoming' Meetups list on the Meetup Group's home page

7. The Event Organizer who adds the Meetup may choose to announce the Meetup to the Meetup Group's members imnediately.

Finally, the community mailing list is currently moderated, but informative messages will be approved to reach the entire community!

Please Use the Message Boards for ongoing conversations.

These are powerful community building tools. Please use them responsibly.

This is our community. Let's nurture and care for it.

Upcoming events (5)

Wicca 101 6-week series with Monica on Zoom

The Green Man store online

In this rare opportunity to learn from a Elder Strega/Wicca practitioner, you will learn the history, wheel of the year, ritual construction and much much more Monica was born and raised on the east coast, and migrated to L.A. in 1993. She is a Strega High Priestess, and a practitioner for over 25 years. This class will be through Zoom! Call The Green Man Store[masked] to register today! This 6-week series will be on Zoom. Call to reserve your spot:[masked] Class fee is $28 per night, or $123 for the series paid in advance. To register online: https://thegreenmanstore.com/event/wicca-101-series-monica2020/

Weekly Online Meditation

Needs a location

Join Ayamanatara for a weekly lightly guided online meditation and discussion. Headphones recommended. I use the Zoom app (and website), which you might want to download or check out prior to the meditation so you are good to go. A recording of just the meditation part will be available to people who have signed up, whether or not you can make it live. Please use the sign up link to gain access and make a donation. NO MEDITATION 5/14 Signup link: https://www.ayamanatara.com/classess/register-weekly-online-meditation/

Basic Spellcrafting Class with Griffin & Carrie (7-week series)

Basic Spellcrafting with Griffin & Carrie Starting Tues May 5th at 7:30 p.m. for Seven weeks. Class will skip 5/19/20. On Zoom $28; per class, $140 for series if paid in full by first class ($5 per class savings with Series purchase; brings the price to $20 per class) Join us for our fun packed Basic Spellcrafting Series. Note, this is not the same as the Practical Magic Series offered in prior years. In this series will cover all basic forms of Spellcrafting, the forms, ingredients and execution of Spells. However we will be focused on that magic ingredient that all powerful spells are born of, the unlocked power of the Witch themselves. Spells are not conjured like a cake recipe as something manipulated through knowledge alone. A true powerful is birthed from within the Witch! And this is where this Series shall spend it’s time and focus. When you truly understand the core nature of Spells and how they are related to the Witch themselves, you will unlock your ability to work on the fly with what is at hand, in powerful ways. And most importantly not step into trouble and kick back from your magic! Working both safely while powerfully is the true mark of a potent Witch! This Series will be informational, practical and a whole lot of fun as have other such hands on series been with Carrie and Griffin. We are two of the four founders of The Green Man and have decades of experience as active witches and teachers. This series will be accessible to both beginners and seasoned witches alike. But we plan to keep this fun and open to beginners and new folks. We practice Traditional Witchcraft, not Wicca. Our ways of Magic are rooted in the Gifts of old ways as practiced by the Cunning folk of Europe. But we will cover many of the basic spell crafting forms employed by Witches today. Call to reserve your spot:[masked]

Altars, Shrines, and Sacred Space with Hovik on Zoom

The Green Man store online

This class will be hosted on ZOOM online! Please call the store to secure your spot! 6 weeks $123 for series $28 single class[masked] to RSVP From the first stone laid into place to the candle lit upon the altar of the heavens, join me in a journey across the cosmos! Shrines and altars have been a part of civilization since the dawn of time. An integral part of any spiritual practice is a scared place of devotion and spiritual connection. In this series we will go over how to set up different kinds of altars. We will start with simple places to honor the spirits and deities you work then discuss and teach you how to set up altars for different purposes such as, love, money, protection, and guardian angels. Learn the use of shapes when constructing an altar in relation to the energy of squares and circles along with numerology correspondence. It’s going to be a fun filled, information packed class open to all!

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Tarot Series for Beginners (6-weeks) with Pleasant Gehman

The Green Man store online

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