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Is this an odd combo? I'm a fiction screenwriter, also a non-fiction podcaster. I have recording facilities in my own area home.

While I love the informative and opinionated podcasts, I'm quite interested in moving into podcast storytelling (true crime, horror, comedy, drama, no porn though I'm told that's coming). I'd love to meet up for coffee and conversations with others experienced, interested, inspired, or simply lost and wandering into the coffee house for conversation and idea sharing.

I've run screenwriters groups back in the day; I'm not sure this needs to be that formal, but perhaps will evolve. I think audio is the new video. Graffiti that on the wall of the Starbucks!

Looking for those who podcast, but also audiophiles and engineers as well as audio script writers, actors, performers interested in testing out the medium.

This will be in the Sherman Oaks/Studio City area for now at least. Precise location to be set by some kind of consensus among attendees.

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