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Whether you are new to the area or not, our Los Angeles area events assist in providing people with an atmosphere that is relaxing and friendly, where people can enjoy the event activities and the pleasant company of others.

Our members come from the Valley, West L.A., East L.A., Downtown, Hollywood, Long Beach and Orange County to enjoy our many exciting events!

We host a variety of social events in the LA area, to include happy hours, wine tastings, bar crawls, parties, outdoor activities, seminars, upscale galas, casual social events, wine tours, beer tastings, sporting events, adventures/adventurous activities (river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mini golf), party cruises, and club openings! Our events cater to all age groups, although we host events which specifically include 20’s & 30’s, as well as 40+ age range.

We host numerous events. All are welcome. Our events bring together friends and friends to be.

Come join us, at one of our upcoming LA area events and meet people who want to get out and do a variety of activities and adventures. It’s all about having a good time and enjoying good company.

Join us to experience new and exciting venues, while meeting new people and making new friends. You will absolutely love our wine tastings and parties!

Come join us for a great time with other friendly professionals.

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Rafting, Giant Trees, Hot Springs, Camping w/Showers! 8/23 - 8/25

Let's have some fun and do some whitewater rafting! We'll drive up Friday after work, camp Friday and Saturday nights, and return home on Sunday. We'll be able to see and hear the river from our campsite. This trip is all about having a good time and meeting new people so think of everyone as a new friend! ---SATURDAY--- After breakfast (included) we'll take a stroll through the giant trees! They remind me of the trees in Avatar. They are 1,500 years old and 20 feet thick. This easy walk is 1/2 mile long, paved, and wheelchair accessible. Plus this area is shaded and the air is about ten degrees cooler. Then we'll head into town for rafting and will have Subway sandwiches, chips, and bottled water for lunch (included). Our 6 mile rafting adventure will begin with the rafting guides giving us a safety talk, then they'll take us down a stretch of the river that has Class III rapids (beginner/intermediate), then shuttle back to the start to take us down the same rapids a second time. Also, we will have a group of adventure addicts doing a Class IV run as well. Everyone must wear a life jacket and helmet (both provided) as well as sturdy footwear - no flip flops, crocs, or bare feet permitted. Good footwear: water shoes, tevas, sneakers - anything with a strap that won't come off your fee. Actual rafting trip length will depend on river's flow rate that day. Probably 2 - 2.5 hours for the class III run and 4+ hours for the class IV. After rafting we'll break for dinner at restaurants (with flush toilets), and we'll be able to take showers (bring your shower supplies). Then we'll meet back at the campsite to roast marshmallows around the campfire and play group games like Catchphrase, Scruples, and Cards Against Humanity! ---SUNDAY--- After breakfast (included) we'll pack up camp and prepare to head home. Optional: a hot springs visit on the way back! It's an amazing spot about 15 minutes from the parking area with tubs of hot water next to the river, plus a rope swing and jump rock. ----MISC---- Kids welcome! Please contact me for minimum weight and age. Sorry, no pets for this meetup. The drive will take 3.5 hours from LA + traffic. Arrival time on Friday begins at 6 pm. I'll be helping everyone connect for carpooling! Each car will decide when and where to leave. We will all be meeting at the campsite. Directions from Sierra Gateway Market to our campsite will be emailed the day before to everyone registered! ----REGISTER---- To register for this meetup please message me your email address! - Class III: $129.99 + Paypal Fee - Class IV: Message me your email address and "Class IV!" List of what's included: Please see http://bit.ly/david-rafting-more-info Alternatives to Paypal: Bank Pay, Google Pay, Facebook Pay. ----REFUNDS---- I can do refunds until Tuesday 8/20. After this date you'll need to find a replacement. ----MORE INFO---- For details about: - CAMPING - HOT SPRINGS - FOOD/MEALS - WHAT TO BRING - BRINGING GUESTS - CARPOOLING - REVIEWS - MORE PHOTOS Please see the More Info page! http://bit.ly/david-rafting-more-info

Legendary Pico-Roberston (Cultural ft Kosher Foodie Tour)

Pico Glatt Mart


Buy discounted tickets at: https://pico-robertson-kosher-foodie-tour.eventbrite.com Pico- Robertson known for it's major Jewish community and culture in the area. It's truly amazing how many cultural hubs there are in LA and how little we know about them having lived here substantial amounts of time. That's where we as CityGyd step in, do the research and plan the most unique and unexplored tours. Come join us on an afternoon filled with culture, learning and great food at the legendary Pico- Robertson. First we begin our tour at the Pico Glatt mart, which is a strictly regulated Kosher Mart under the supervision of Kehilla. Food being Kosher among the Jewish community is highly essential as they at the earliest phases of history understood the patterns of Kashrut. One of the school of thoughts explain Kashrut, as God proving a prescription of foods to ensure the good health of Jewish people. It is also thought that "God knows that in all foods prohibited to the chosen people, elements injurious to the body are found."? We look in to some of these customs a little deeper. Next we saunter on to David Solomon's book store, which is a pure Judaica store which provides a range of objects used by Jews for ritual purposes. This store has been specializing in everything Judaica for the past 35 years. They have a wide range of cultural products including jewelry, yad (a Torah pointer for reading Torah text), incense burners and modern menorahs. Schnitzly is a kosher diner, which offers a minimum of ten different types of Schnitzel, which is widely known by Jewish people. Schnitzel is deep fried meat thinned meat, often coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs. Their famous sauces are created in the store.

DJ & Sophisticated Singles @ The Continental Club

The Continental Club

Join us for a fun-filled Mixer at The Continental Club! DJ AT 10 PM! OTHER GROUPS WILL JOIN US! The Continental Club - a dark, sexy, hidden experience unlike anything we've seen to date. It's pure noir in the best sense of the word and is an ode to the sophistication and history now characterizing Downtown's Historic Core and in particular, the now revitalized block at 4th and Spring Street. Making your way down to the basement of the famed Continental Building (est.1908) and entering The Continental Club is like stepping into another world. There are no signs, no images online, and no marketing. Continental Club is the perfect place to come out and relax and have a drink, while mingling and getting to know new people! Its okay to come by yourself…you won’t be by yourself for very long! Food and drink is at your own expense. DRESS CODE: STYLISH ATTIRE REQUIRED Please make sure not to be dressed too casually. Their web site states that stylish attire is required. When you get to the door, please be sure to mention that you're with LA Single Professionals. There are no signs out front or any ads, just a guy at the door that will direct you downstairs to the basement bar. Parking: Valet & Parking lots available.

Dive in into Venice Culture!

Venice Sign


Buy discounted tickets at : https://fun-at-citygyd-venice-culture.eventbrite.com Summer ain't over yet! Come explore the eccentric and electric energy of Venice! Venice is the place to be during summer in L.A, what's better than food ,history , art and beautiful people all intertwined literally next to the beach? Come explore the Venice canals , a mix of florence and coney island brought to by a billionare having a good time with his millions. Definitely a great start to an iconic story. We will be taking a walk and dive into the mural art and history of Venice and dissect what truly captures the spirit of this place! Wrapping it up in Taco Tuesdays! With tacos and a drink as a cherry on top treat and for those who want to join us on a walk at the pier in Venice are more than welcome!

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