R programming: creating an R package, using developer/productivity tools

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by Szilard Pafka & Jeroen Ooms

In this meeting we'll advocate some basic R programming infrastructure best practices targeted mainly to beginners (in the sense of beginner R programmers, not necessarily beginner R users). The recommended way to manage your R code is in R packages. We'll show/demo how easy it is to create a simple package for your R functions. We'll discuss the benefits of having your R code in packages, proper documentation, automated testing and version control, and we'll demo the basic infrastructure R and some other software tools provide for that (CMD check, roxygen, devtools, RUnit/testthat, git/svn). We'll show how the Eclipse StatET IDE for R can improve your productivity in developing R code.

Please RSVP as places are limited.

Venue: Please note that we have a new venue. Make sure you have the instructions of how to get there with you:

"There should be directions on the Meetup site to this room. It is not trivial to find. FYI, from the Stats Lab [the usual location], take the elevator down to the second floor, turn right and keep walking. Will eventually deadend at a door leading to a courtyard. Walk straight and enter another door. 2760 is on the left." [thanks, Ryan]

"Alternative walking directions: from Westwood blvd, after lot 9, turn right, walk around eng-4, and enter Boelter hall from the southwest corner. Go up one floor and you're there." [thanks, Neal]