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LA West R Users Group will have our June meeting at Retina in Santa Monica. We'll have two talks followed by 30min of mingling time.

**Talk1** (20min talk, 10min Q&A)
Title: Using GLRM on h2o to Predict Customer Lifetime Value

At Retina, we estimate and predict customer lifetime value (CLV). One of our projects will predict a customer's CLV before he/she makes any purchases yet. To do this, we use an open-source tool in R (GLRM on to cluster customers from our eCommerce clients by browsing behavior.

Corinne Powers
Data Scientist, Retina

Title: Are there any Globe Trotter Body Swappers to Figure out Who's who in NBA Lineups?

In the 'The Prisoner of Benda' episode of Futurama, the Planet Express crew swapped bodies and went on cooky hijinks. After the fun was over, the crew wanted to return to their original bodies. Armed with group theory, the genius Globe Trotters purposely swapped bodies with the Planet Express crew to restore everyone to normal.

In an earlier version of the NBA API, the 10 players on the court is represented in data with team, first initial, and last name. There are a few instances when two teammates with the same initial and last name are on the court at the same time. Can we use R to uniquely identify these different teammates so that we can accurately credit a stat to the right player?

Michael Tzen is the Assistant Director for Statistics at UCLA's California Center for Population Research. Mike consults, collaborates, and leads workshops to solve data problems in population science. Mike's work has been presented at the Census Bureau's Center for Statistical Research & Methodology Seminar, the American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference, the Joint Statistical Meetings, and the Cascadia Symposium on Statistics in Sports.

– 6:30pm open door
– 6:55pm intro from LA West R User Group & Retina
– 7:00pm Talk1
– 7:30pm Talk2
– 8:00pm mingle time
– 8:30pm event ends

Address: Retina, 631 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 301, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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