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LA West R Users: October Meeting

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Amy Tzu-Yu C.


LA West R Users Group will have our October meeting at Boelter Hall 5249 on UCLA campus.

Talk1 (30min talk, 5min Q&A)
Title: "To Stick or To Switch: Student Major Changes at UCLA"
Presented by: The Stack (, the data-journalism focused section at the Daily Bruin

Analysis on the rate at which students switch from one major to another. Through the process of data cleaning, exploratory analysis, and data transformations in R, they drew insightful findings from raw data and created visualizations to represent the trends. With the inclusion of student and staff interviews, their goal was to combine quantitative and qualitative data to write a holistic story that provides perspective for the campus community.

** About Talk1 Speakers * 2 **
Jeanette Lin is a fourth-year Statistics major at UCLA. From classifying the results of different genetic editing tools to analyzing the stock prices of mergers and acquisitions, she has developed a passion for data science. She looks forward to continuing to use data to find efficient solutions, tell inspiring stories, and create impactful changes.

Keith Atienza is a fourth-year Applied Math and Statistics major at UCLA. With a passion for quantitative story-telling and predictive modeling, he is an aspiring data scientist and an active member of the math and stats communities on campus.

Talk2 (30min talk, 5min Q&A)
Title: Analyzing Denzel Curry’s Lyrics Through Text Mining
Presented by: DataRes @ UCLA (, founded by data enthusiasts who love solving problems and crafting stories with data.

Sentiment analysis on the lyrics of Denzel Curry, a rapper from Florida who has been making some of the most head-banging yet simultaneously nuanced hip-hop out there for a better part of the last decade. Through text mining and data wrangling in R, this project analyses the sentiments behind Denzel’s various albums. Through different visualisations and wordclouds, the article shows the trends in his emotions over time, as well as within the same album. The goal of the project was to understand the concept of Denzel’s music and how he works with and incorporates certain emotions in his music.

** About Talk2 Speakers * 2 **
Nikhil Sharma, a fourth-year Statistics major from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Interested in practical applications of statistics and machine learning, particularly in sports. Currently President of Bruin Sports Analytics, an on-campus platform for sports research, data journalism, and machine learning applications.

Raghava Govil, a 3rd year Statistics and Economics major at UCLA. Has passion for telling stories with data and quantifying own opinions. Currently serve as the Co-Founder and President at DataRes.

Code of Conduct:

7:00-7:10 open door
7:10-7:20 R Users Group Intro
7:20-7:55 talk1
7:55-8:30 talk2
8:30-9:00 socialize

Boelter Hall 5249 on UCLA Campus. If you are driving, please park at Parking Structure 9. Let parking staff know that you are with UCLA Student Media Training. Show the staff the attached parking permit photo if you have trouble getting in. See for detailed directions.

** FREE Ticket to Data Science Salon LA **
We will give away one ticket ($160 worth) to IDEAS Conference ( during the meetup.

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Reach out to or if you want to be a speaker. First-time speakers are welcome
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We are working on building a network for all useRs in SoCal. Come be our guest! Come be our speaker!

580 Portola Plaza, Boelter Hall 5249 · Los Angeles, ca
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