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This is an online meetup. Join us on Zoom:

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LA R Users Group will have our March meeting online at This our first virtual meetup!

**Talk1** (25min talk, 5min Q&A)
Title: "vctrs: Creating custom vector classes with the vctrs package"
Presented by: Jesse Sadler, Lecturer at Loyola Marymount University

The base R types of vectors enable the representation of an amazingly wide array of data types. There is so much you can do with R. However, there may be times when your data does not fit into one of the base types and/or you want to add metadata to vectors. vctrs is a developer-focused package that provides a clear path for creating your own S3-vector class, while ensuring that the classes you build integrate into user expectations for how vectors work in R. This presentation will discuss the why and how of using vctrs through the example of debkeepr, a package for integrating historical non-decimal currencies such as pounds, shillings, and pence into R. The presentation will provide a step-by-step process for developing various types of vectors and thinking through the design process of how vectors of different classes should work together.

** About Talk1 Speaker **
I am a historian of early modern Europe and currently a lecturer at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. My research investigates the significance of sibling relationships and inheritance in the development of early modern capitalism. I have been using R for approximately two and a half years to analyze and visualize historical data. I am the author of two R packages that should be on CRAN shortly. The opencage package geocodes locations and is written in concert with Maëlle Salmon and Daniel Possenriede, among others. I am also writing a package called debkeepr that integrates non-decimal currencies into R through the basis provided by the vctrs package.

**Talk2** (25min talk, 5min Q&A)
Title: “Starter Guide to R Plumber + Slack”
Presented by: Emad Hasan, Founder & COO at Retina

In this talk, I will cover how you can use R Plumber to interact with Slack and surface analysis and data directly in Slack on demand. More info here

** About Talk2 Speaker **
Emad Hasan is currently in charge of Operations & Analytics and is also the Co-Founder of Retina.AI (February 2017-Present) in Los Angeles, CA. Retina.AI focuses on helping executives and managers leverage data science in an easily consumable way. Prior to that, he was the Founder and CEO of Xpertly [masked]), that uses R based analytics to automate introductions between team members of large organizations. Most importantly Mr. Hasan worked as the Head of Business Marketing Operations & Analytics for Facebook [masked]) where he led all analytics and marketing measurement activitiesfor Facebook's business marketing team using data science and machine learning approaches. Prior to Facebook, he worked at PayPal, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Boeing to name a few. Mr. Hasan holds a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State, a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from UCLA.

**Code of Conduct**:

6:00 open zoom
6:30-7:00 First talk
7:00-7:30 Second talk
7:30-8:00 Virtual mingle
8:00 end of event

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