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This group is for those in relationships with Borderline Personality Disordered partners.

The group's primary purpose is to provide a safe space to practice skills and management strategies discussed in the Family Connections Program (NEABPD). Secondarily we discuss other literature such as Stop Walking on Eggshells and Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.

This group is primarily geared toward partners and loved ones who are still in contact with their BPD and want help and support in managing themselves and these tumultuous and challenging relationships. Those who have chosen "no-contact" are also welcome and will find the support helpful and the skills discussed and practiced useful in all areas of life.

The group's secondary purpose is to be a safe space for victims of these abusive relationships and a place to share and heal with peers who understand the devastation these relationships can cause.

This group is NOT professional counseling or therapy. This is strictly peer-run.

Meetings will be structured around a specific skill or exercise taken from one of the above mentioned sources. We will share experiences, role-play, and discuss the tools.

The meeting, for now, take place in a public park. The picnic tables we use are pretty private and well away from most walkers by but also public enough until we may be able to secure a more permanent indoor location. For now the semi-privacy, the fresh air, and the plentiful parking are great!

Together we can grow, learn, heal, feel heard and understood, and ultimately learn to recognize the red flags as we build trust in ourselves to avoid toxic relationships as well as learn to trust others and reengage in healthy, loving relationships.

We look forward to welcoming you and your participation and of feeling less burdened by your relationship with your BPD.

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