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HUGGING YOGA & HuggingBreathwork in Pairs: Gentle Restorative Exercise Outdoors!
Informal practice w/friends present & future; to attend everyone BRINGS MAIN DISH &/OR $15+ to support the gatherings: If contributing $ do so in advance here Thank you! ***Meet 1pm but leave park 1:30pm on the dot, to walk 1 block to another location; if you're later than that you'll miss us!*** MENU: 1:00pm: Therapeutic Massage Exchange Mixer: No lesson; today’s for people comfortable massaging. 1:30pm: ~*LEAVE to WALK TO ANOTHER LOCATION!*~ 1:45pm: GroupHugOhmHarmonize 1:55pm: WHIMSYUM-style Kundalini & Tantra ‘HUGGING’ Yoga/Breathwork in Pairs; 3:10pm: Share Refreshments & Fav OutsideTheBox Upbeat Romantic Books/Movies/TV ~*~*~*~*~*~ Gentle, restorative, spiritually intimate, *EXERCISE*: Not cuddle party or conversation workshop: Come prepared for GENTLE, nurturing, revitalizing, STRENGTH, AEROBIC, & FLEXIBILITY WORKOUT: Includes therapeutic touch/chant/movement: Time isn’t spent focusing on you as an individual, or interaction: We melt into connection w/universe together, moving from 1 person to next; *wordlessly* sharing each exercise, each of us a unique sparkle in wondrous sea of humanity. Often embracing w/eyes closed, or gazing into each other’s soul. G-rated, nonsexual: Focus is on wellness, celebrating the magic of connection to everything! NOT a CLASS, NO TEACHING/questions/discussion: Wordlessly mirror poses of person guiding everyone: Welcome to ask questions after, when we share refreshments: ~*In wordless space we truly feel each other’s amazing energy.*~ We practice w/each person, no matter their shape, gender, age, style, etc. Come w/body/clothes/teeth/hair freshly bathed, thank you! ~*~*~*~*~*~ BRING: Beverage for yourself; Yoga mat, blanket or beach towel PHOTO of where we’ll be: COMING SOON! ~*~*~*~*~*~ Enjoy a blissful, open-hearted, Infinite Possibilities afternoon w/peers outside mainstream thinking/living! Warm wonderful people, nurturing physical release, bursts of glee & laughter, & *breath.* This gathering is a nexus of creative, imaginative universe/human potential exploring communities centered around the wisdom of focusing on positive thoughts & sharing only positive energy & actions. Questions?: voicemail 24hrs, or ask after gathering: I don’t respond to questions via email, text or social networks, thank you! May not be able to return all calls, so simply join us if you're inspired! ~ Diana [masked] phone doesn’t accept text msgs. Copyright © 2018 WRP Diana & The WHIMSYUM. All rights reserved.



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Welcome to the grass roots, people-powered, community calendar of events for the Tantra Community in Los Angeles + coastal areas around Santa Monica! Please READ ABOUT TANTRA ON OUR page (

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Tantra centers around love & support, honoring each other; & on the wisdom of Tantra being accessible to everyone: Teachers/event hosts who compete or suppress other's loving Tantra events; or don't credit the creators of the practices the use, --or copy other's words/artwork/photos in their post ( rather than using their own, or asking & crediting them), -- will not be able to use this community list:

"In a community where we all support & credit each other, we are all supported." ~Diana, list host

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