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HELLO! Are you a YouTuber, Snapchatter, Viner, aspiring actor, video content creator, or simply bored and have nothing to do and want to have some fun? Then you have come to the right place! We are the Los Angeles Video Content Creators Gang >:)

Whether you have a YouTube channel, are an aspiring Vine star, looking for some help for your video project, or an aspiring actor that wants to get some practice coming out in some videos...this is the meet up. The goal of this meetup is to have a group of ambitious and aspiring individuals looking to create some video content for their respective needs/wants.

Let's face it...creating video content is not always a one person job...we can all use some help and that is what this meetup is for. A bunch of free-spirited mofos helping each other out creating awesome video content and having a hell of a time in the process.

If you are old (35 and older) this meetup is not for you. If you are looking to make some money from people in this group...this meetup is not for you. We will all help each other out and collaborate free of charge in pursuit of our dreams :)

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YouTube Pranksters Meetup!

Plummer Park


Plummer Park

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