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Alrighty all you mobile folks – An event so special it only happens once every 4 years.

On February 29th, the time will be here for me to make good on the promise I made last month about delivering a great Meetup event for everyone involved in the mobile community. This all came about when a scheduled Meetup for an Introduction to iOS Development basically imploded and we all ended up wandering aimlessly through a park in Hollywood looking for an event that never really existed…until now!

Come join us at the VLounge in Santa Monica ( on Wednesday Feb 29th at 7pm for what will be a fabulous night of mobile debauchery. There will be networking, there will be presentations, there will be not-so-reasonably priced alcohol, but I promise the vibe will totally make up for it. Come on, you’re mobile developers, you have money coming out of places that I will not discuss here…or you will someday soon.

We are currently lining up a few different speakers, but be assured that our first speaker, the marvelous Rob Lee, will be providing insights into the iOS world for all of us novices and newbees. He comes with a wealth of information stemming from a prolific career in IT with a more recent focus on iOS development. For you senior folks this may be a little basic, but you’ll pick up a trick or two. To learn more about Rob check out: (

Now all you Android folks are throwing up your hands and saying, “Why the heck would I want to go to an Intro to iOS event?” Well…I’M NOT DONE YET!

To make sure we don’t disturb the technological mobile harmony and balance of iOS and Android ecosystems, it with great pleasure that we are announcing the addition of Ahmed Shakil as a speaker for our Mobile Dev Mind Meld MeetUp (try saying it three times fast).

Ahmed is Chief Mobile Architect at Mobistry:

Ahmed brings an insane amount of Android experience to the table. Just check out his LinkedIn page ( ). He has been working with Linux based mobile technology since 2003, and has been focusing on mobile-based initiatives for over a decade!

Ahmed is that rare, and highly sought after, design (UI/UX, Graphics, etc) and development hybrid. I, personally, thought they were a myth…stories passed down from recruiter to recruiter…but behold…they do exist!

And finally, and this is a treat, I am beyond thrilled to announce our third and final presenter, Alan Saporta, Vice President of Technology at Wilshire Media Group. ( ).

Alan is WMG’s fearless captain behind Cricket’s Muve Music product. This service allows Cricket subscribers the option to have unlimited amounts of music downloaded to their mobile device for a reasonable additional cost on their monthly cell phone bill. With over 500,000 users joining in just its first year alone and a ginormous song catalog this is the prime example of mobile and cloud services intersecting to create one heck of a product.

Check it out:,0,2200481.story

Being an obvious SME, Alan will be discussing, “Delivering Music to the 'Hidden' Majority.”

Who knew that there was a market that didn’t involve the iTunes Store, Pandora, or Spotify…Alan knows and soon we will too!

So there you have it…three great speakers which will definitely makes this a MeetUp not to be missed, and also this will be a great chance to network with fellow developers while recruiters try to entice you with their wit and charm…like I just did.

So come on down…it’s easy to make it to Santa Monica in the evening. Some food will be provided on a first come first eat basis, and drinks will be available at the bar. And I didn’t even mention the fabulous door prizes…wait, I JUST DID!

Looking forward to seeing you!

If you would like to throw your hat into the proverbial ring and speak, please feel free to contact me as this will be the first of many events hosted by Technical Connections.

(Must be over 21 to attend - Sorry)


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