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Calling all 20's to 30's living or visiting Los Angeles! Let's connect through different types of events? If you are looking to build new friendship, this is definitely place to be! The focus of this meetup is to build our social circles while looking for adventures and more. We also look for fun activities around town that foster a great atmosphere and to get us out of the house! :)

Join us and enhance of our sense of adventure while meeting new friends! :)

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Streaming and Singing, Telekaraoke!

Los Angeles

Since a lot of us are stuck at home now waiting to sit this lockdown out, I figured that maybe we can try to put together a set of virtual hangouts of just people chilling out for a couple hours while we chat about whatever, meet new folks, and maybe set up some light movie night or streaming if someone wants to run that too. This time we can try karaoke via zoom's screen share and whoever wants to sing can play a youtube karaoke version of their song and the rest of us will cheer em on! My plan is to test this out with a small group on zoom, as they do have a max participant amount but if this goes well we can do more in the future! So how I imagine it is I'll message the people who rsvp onto this event the link to the group, and then we figure it out from there once everyone signs in and hangs out wherever they can, either on their computer or maybe their phone too. Anyways, hope y'all join me for this kind of virtual corona-proof meetup concept as I know many of y'all are working from home and may use video chat for business meetings, so why not use it for meeting new folks too. If there's a lotta us we can do multiple breakout rooms and have multiple karaoke sessions at the same time :D

EASY BEACH CAMPING! !! Perfect for first timer. The Halloween Alternative

PERFECT FOR FIRST TIMERS or for seasoned campers!! Beach camping at El Capitan State Beach. (not El Capitan in Yosemite) What's that? You don't know how to camp? No worries. This will be doable. This event is perfect for first time camping. This is not roughing it. Covid: Full covid measures in place relating to food, restrooms, hiking, campfire and more. Speaking of restrooms: Flush toilets and showers (not at the same time) Tents: If you do not have a tent send me a note. I have tents I used to loan out (pre covid). They have not been touched since Oct of 2019 (precovid). I will not loan out (post covid). But I will sell them off for $20 each. I have 8 or so. If you do want to pick one up: Target or Big 5 have inexpensive options. They are as low at $15 on sale for small ones $25 or $30 for the 3 or 4 person larger ones. Bedding: Several good blankets from home will also be fine if you don't have a sleeping bag. Personally . . . I just use a feather duvet from Ikea. Bring your yoga mats for under you. No need to invest in a bunch of equipment. Food: Due to covid there is no potluck or food sharing. AND with so many dietary variations and specialized needs/wants .. . it's just not feasible to make a menu that works for all. This way you bring what you like. It's more simple that way. Really there is no need to go overboard. Simple is better. If you have question of what to get . . . drop me a note and I will give you ideas. The less prep and cooking needed the better. Avoid (just add hot water) foods. Paper goods, single use utensils, cups, paper-towels, trash-bags etc . . . will be provided. The site has grills. Really though . . . aim for simple food, not a foodie weekend spending all our time cooking. We will be providing all the firewood and keeping that stoked and going. Booze: Sure. Bring wine (lots if you wish), or beer or whatever you wish to unwind with. With a little wine . . . you really will not worry too much about the food. Questions: Is there a place where I can get something there? There is a small camp-store located on at the site and it is open to 7 or so. Pretty much what you will find in a 7-11 There is ALSO a nice secret that makes this place fab, . . . just outside the state campsite is a private campsite . . . but we are allowed to go in there to their store. They have a fine wine shop AND espresso and sandwiches and whatnot. . . It's a short walk there or you can drive it. Now let's talk carpool. Personally not a carpool fan in time of covid. But some still wish it. A carpool matrix will go out the week before the event to all those signed on. PARKING: Car space is NOT limited at the site. BUT we do only get allocated 7 spots for free included with our site. Parking is $7 per car for the 8th car and beyond. The FIRST SEVEN who sign on will get those slots. You will give me your plate number and it will be added to our list of allowed plates. So there is incentive to commit early. Our site steps from the water. We have our own stairwell down to what amounts a beach private for us. Walks down the beach and looking for shells, . . . Tidepools!!!! You want to do a Sat day trip South to Santa Barbara? Sure. ALSO . . . 1/2 hr to the north is the Lompoc Wine Ghetto. A day of wine tastings!!!!! Also: Wind Caves https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/gaviota-wind-caves/ Hot Springs Hike https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/gaviota-hot-springs-hike/ There are some falls . .but they may be dry https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/nojoqui-falls-santa-barbara/ https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/tangerine-falls-in-the-los-padres-national-forest/ Payment links: https://tr.im/OnePersonAt75 https://tr.im/PaymentForTwo140 https://tr.im/PaymentForThree195 Main group hosting https://tr.im/MoreToExplore Payment is the ONLY way to hold your spot. Payment link removed once filled. Kids under 18 free. Dogs free also. But you have to be responsible. Event is rain or shine. Rain does not cancel.

Everest Base Camp!!!! Nepal Trip!!! OMG your bucket list fulfilled!

Los Angeles International Airport

This is definitely a bucket list type adventure. It is also tempered with safety and do-ability. This event embodies adventure and the romance of traveling to far off places. First of all, . . . this is NOT going up to the top of Everest (29,000). This is going to Everest Base Camp (17,600) also called EBC. Our starting elevation will be in Lukla at 9,400'. With all that said . . . this is VERY doable at any age. You do not need to be a marathon runner. The truth is if you can manage walking 3-6 hours a day, up and down a hill, while carrying a light pack, you will be OK! Professional guides and Porters to carry your gear are included. All that is left for you to carry is your water, snacks and camera. But I don't have the needed gear?! Our trip includes providing you with a North Face sleeping bag and parka, rated to -4F. As well as walking poles. So you don't have to buy them or pack in your suitcase. Does this include food? Yes. This includes meals. What is lodging like? Are we sleeping in tents? No. We are sleeping in a series of "Tea Houses" along the route. You will have bed in a shared room with roommate (from the group). Sorry, a solo room will not be available on this trip. We will pair up everybody. What if I get sick or hurt. By the way . . . how dangerous is this? This is NOT the summiting Everest with people dying from bad choices. We will be walking on an established, well used trail the entire time, and NOT on snow or ice. Stats from past years show that 30,000 people a year do the EBC trek. With all that said, . . . Our trip INCLUDES emergency insurance. For instance: this will cover a helicopter if needed. Plain and simple, safety is our primary goal. We will have an experienced guide and porters, and Anna and I will be along the entire way too. OK. How much does this cost? INCLUDING AIR departing from LA the TOTAL cost is: 18 days for ONLY $3,480 (this includes air!) If you want a breakdown to try and find a better flight, OR if you wish to use miles, OR if you wish to upgrade your flight, OR you are not flying out of LA Everest Base Camp Trip $2,290 (15 Day, land only) The (group) air portion $1,190 (departure LA) Non-Refundable Deposit of $250 to hold your place by Jan 15th. Balance due by Feb 18th There is not enough room on meetup to post the full detailed day to day itinerary. More is available upon request If you have any questions call 8I8 52I 48I9, or RSVP, or PM or post a comment. Apr 18th Depart 6:30PM Apr 19th Flight time across time zones Apr 20th Arrival in Kathmandu 10:30 AM(4,377') Night at hotel Apr 21st Scenic flight to Lukla (9,383')(45 minutes) and trek to Phakding (8700/4-5 hrs/5mi Apr 22nd Trek to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi) Apr 23rd Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Syanboche (12,575') Apr 24th Trek to Tengboche (12,664'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi) Apr 25th Trek to Dingboche (14,469'/5-6 hrs/5mi) Apr 26th Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Nagarjun Hills (16,676'/2 hrs) Apr 27th Trek to Lobuche (16,207'/ 5-6 hrs trekking/4.4mi) Apr 28th Lobuche to Gorakshep (16,942')- Everest Base Camp (17,600') (Everest summit is 29,029') and trek back to Gorakshep (7-8 hrs/9.3mi) Apr 29th Gorakshep to Kalapathar (18,514') and trek to Pheriche (14,340'/ 6-7 hrs/9.3mi) Apr 30th Trek back to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/9.3mi) May 1st Trek to Lukla (9,383'/6-7 hrs trek/5.6mi) May 2nd Scenic Flight back to Kathmandu (45 minutes flight). Last minute shopping May 3rd Contingency Day May 4th Drive to Kathmandu airport (20-30 minutes’ drive) and fly back to the home. May 5 Arrive LAX Apprx 5PM This is the adventure of a lifetime. It is done in a safe manner and includes lots with no surprises. For a compete list of what is included, and what is not included AND/OR for a Detailed Daily Itinerary and detailed packing list: RSVP, PM or post in the comments. Note correct end date May 5th not May 1st. Meetup limits event posts 14 days max https://tr.im/MoreToExplore https://tr.im/BaseCampEverest

Wineries, Zip-Lines & ATV's ! ! ! Ensenada Weekend Cruise: Fri May 15 to 18

ENSENADA MAY CRUISE: May 15th to May 18th This is the third annual cruise on this group. And as the previous two, it will be EPIC. I will start off by saying there are PLENTY of cruise thingies on Meetup. Especially the Booze Cruise to Ensenada. . . Ours will be decidedly different and not like the others. First of all, . . . our price. Let's get to that first. The base cabin is $390.52 per person, double occupancy for an interior cabin. All taxes and port charges included!!! This is one of the lowest prices you will ever see for this super fun cruise! There are upgrades to ocean view cabins or single occupancy but that's all incremental increases depending upon your needs. Get a friend to come with or we will match you with a roommate. What really makes our trip unique is our special treatment. We will have an open bar Cocktail Party Mixer hosted by the ship for our group (unlimited drinks) We will get reserved seating together for the formal dining room at our own tables. We will be doing our own activities on board, such as a scavenger hunt and other fun games. Best of all - a great group of like-minded people from our Meetup, ready for play and have fun! But that's not the best part. The BEST part are OUR shore excursions in Mexico. For only $30 per person we will have our own vans and drivers, exclusive and private for our group to our own shore excursion. On shore we will have Zip Line Canopy Tour $22 ATV $30 Horseback Riding $30 They are broken up so you can pick and choose and only pay for what you do. To see more about Las Canadas Resort http://www.lascanadas.com/en/ http://www.lascanadas.com/en/Air_CanopyTour.php Since we are organizing it, NONE of this is at tourist prices, and no tour operator markups either. But wait!!! How about a wine tasting and visiting the renown Wineries and having a Winery tour and tasting? An olive oil tasting too? Sure!!! Since we have our own drivers we will do that as well! http://santo-tomas.com/ for example. Our drivers will drop us in town if you wish and you can do shopping So it's all around a great meetup. This is NOT like the other meetup cruises you see. Care to join? CRUISE ITINERARY Fri: Depart 05:30 pm Sat: Fun Day At Sea Sun: Ensenada 08:00 am to 06:00 pm Mon: Arrive at 07:00 am Let's look at the "Day at Sea" part first: The ship has all the things that make a cruise fun: 9-hole mini golf course, WaterWorks (waterslide park), a tropical resort-style pool - and when you need some pampering and quiet time - a Serenity Retreat area. It also has casino, comedy shows, stage shows, bars, nightclubs, dancing, live music, spa type services, and more. And, as always...the delicious dining, entertainment, friendly service Quick FAQ: Do I need to pay for this now? A deposit of $100 will be needed hold your space. Balance due on March 10, 2020 You $ 100 refundable until March 10, 2020 All prices and information subject to change and availability. Is this for Singles? Or Couples? This is for everybody! It's about people, not your relationship status, or even your sexual preference, age or your whatever. All are welcome on this, be it singles or families with children. We will have a little bit for everybody and everybody will have fun. We will be a good size bunch so you will find folks you would hang with. Do I need to know Spanish for the Mexico part? No. I am fluent, as are plenty of others. And they speak English pretty well there too. Do I need a passport? Yes, you will need a valid passport or copies of any travel document or permits (green card etc). A driver's license will not get you on the boat. If you don't have a passport . . . start that now. Did I read that right, . . . we are going to somewhere not the regular tourist route? Yes. You will get to do our own thing and have more fun and see more. RSVP for here or on https://www.tr.im/MoreToExplore for more info.

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