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This is a group for people that want to learn and practice Nonviolent Communication, the communication model created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg PhD. Nonviolent Communication practitioners of all levels are welcome including people brand-new to or just curious about the practice. I have been studying and practicing Nonviolent Communication since early 2013 and I started this group to create a community of people committed to practicing and expanding their ability to practice the principles and consciousness of nonviolence.

If you are new to Nonviolent Communication you can watch a brief introductory video about it here: https://youtu.be/DgaeHeIL39Y

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Nonviolent Communication Mini Workshop

Aaron's apartment


This Meetup will be a 3 hour mini workshop on Sunday, May 26 from 2 PM until 5 PM at my place in the Pico/Robertson neighborhood. This meeting will be designed for both people already familiar with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and for people new to it. If you haven't yet heard of NVC you can learn a little bit about it here: http://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/aboutnvc/aboutnvc.htm Note that though this group is called the Compassionate Communication Practice Group of Los Angeles, our Meetups are not traditional practice group meetings; they are facilitated mini-workshops. At the Meetup we will: 1. Do an opening circle where everyone will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and request to work with me on a particular concern of importance. 2. I will then work with individuals using NVC principles, distinctions, and practices. This will often include role-playing scenarios. 3. After working with each individual I will invite sharing from others in the group about what they got from listening to and watching the work. 4. We will complete the meeting by doing a closing circle where everyone will have an opportunity to share what they got out of being at the session. Recommended (but not required): Please come prepared with some real life scenarios in mind that you are currently dealing with. My request is that these scenarios be: 1. Ones that you are wanting to role-play. 2. Ones that you are willing to look at from principles of NVC that I will share with you. Please RSVP here on Meetup.com so I know how many people will be attending and can plan accordingly. We will start promptly at 2:00 PM. You are welcome to come up to 15 minutes early for socializing and getting settled in. There has been a history of people RSVP'ing as "yes" and then not showing up. I have been told that this is somewhat common in the culture of Meetup as a whole. However, for this group, I want to foster a culture of integrity in attendance. So the following are requests related to my intention to foster a culture of integrity in attendance. Please carefully read the following requests. If you RSVP as “yes” then my request is for you to arrive on time (or up to 15 minutes early). If you RSVP as “yes” and then later determine that you will not be actually attending, then please change your RSVP to “no” so that I know not to expect you. It makes a difference for me to know this, plus space is limited so by changing your RSVP to “no” you will free up space for someone else to RSVP as “yes”. If you RSVP that you will be attending, and you know that you’re going to be late ahead of time, or if you find yourself running late then please send me a private message here on Meetup to let me know that you will be late (click the “Contact” link under my name on this page where it shows the Organizer for this Meetup group). If driving, please arrive to the Meetup early enough to find parking because it is somewhat scarce in the neighborhood (I think about 15 minutes to find parking should suffice). I take each and every "yes" RSVP seriously. So, if someone RSVPs as "yes" and doesn't show up to the meeting on time, and hasn't communicated that they will be late, then I will want to call them to find out if they will be coming or not. So, if you know that I don't have your phone number (which would likely be the case if you are going to be attending our group's meetings for the first time), then please send me a private message here on Meetup with your phone number, or if you're not comfortable with giving me your phone number, then please send me a private message here on Meetup letting me know that you are declining this request of mine. Again, to send me a private message here on Meetup, click the “Contact” link under my name on this page where it shows the Organizer for this Meetup group. Thanks! I hope to see you on May 26! Aaron Tardos Group Organizer P.S. Please invite your friends! Just ask them to join this Meetup group and to RSVP so I know to expect them also. Or you can enter in how many people are coming with you with your RSVP. P.P.S. The maximum capacity for this Meetup is 12 people, but I am promoting it through two Meetup groups. If the RSVP's are full on this page, you can RSVP at the link here (if there is space there): https://www.meetup.com/compassionatecommunicationla/events/260840774/ Please do not RSVP on both pages; please only RSVP on one of the pages.

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