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Are you looking to get started investing in Real Estate?
Are you already a seasoned investor and looking to network with like minded individuals?
Have you tried and failed, but you're determined not to give up?

You've come to right place. We are a local group of Real Estate Investors of all levels that educate and mentor current and future investors.

In an article in Brick Underground Magazine Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel says, "More brand new condos are hitting the market, increasing the supply of apartments overall, and interest rates are still "hovering at near-record lows,".

Now is the time to get into Real Estate before these interest rate record lows increase, and you miss out on a great opportunity. Are you interested in becoming part of a rapidly growing community of successful local Real Estate investors, who are securing the benefits of a once in a life time Buyers market? Right here and now we are in a unique Real Estate buyers market which is fueling the rapid growth of our local community of investors. With the intermingling of record low mortgage rates and lowered housing prices, our group is slaying in this market. You can look it up, the "world's greatest Investor" Warren Buffet is advising people to invest in real estate. At our investors meetings we discuss not only why, but how there are more millionaires created through real estate than any other industry.

You will have the opportunity to:

*Discuss the biggest money making opportunities in today's market: Lease Options, Buy and Hold, Wholesaling, Fix and Flips, Foreclosures and REOs, Short Sales, Multi-Family Dwellings, Commercial and far more.

*Learn how rental properties are one of the best tax redeemable strategies out there.

*Get locally mentored and coached by the best.

*LEARN how to go from an investor that is only making a little extra money and still working for someone else, to a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Investor who isn't a slave to an alarm clock, and where you have the option to never work a 9-5 again. *Find out how you can EARN substantial income while you LEARN how to invest in Real Estate.

*Network with a local group of successful Real Estate Investors. *And so much more. Each REI community meeting is distinctive as we show you different transactions we've accomplished recently. We will also show you how you can be included in deals. Some of our team invest part time while still working for someone else, while others have been able to FIRE THEIR BOSS and blowup their alarm clocks to invest full time. If you are interested in learning how to do this and more, RSVP for the events. We have a nationwide network of Real Estate Investors in addition to our local teams all over California that will show you how.

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Expand The Network

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